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November 24, 2023 Interview with TTeo on his disco-soul homage, Loveexpress 77

Interview with TTeo on his disco-soul homage, Loveexpress 77

TTeo is the pseudonym of Matteo Capreoli – singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer with a rich musical heritage. In 1970, his father, Fernando Antonio Capreoli, left Salento for Germany, before forming the disco-funk-rock outfit Lovexpress. They toured Norway, Sweden, and Denmark from 1974 to 1979. Now, in 2023, Matteo pays soulful homage to his father’s funk outfit, with the help of some old tapes – the bygone band’s only known recordings. Signed to Sonar Kollektiv in 2020, TTeo’s compositions are high energy and full of heart. Read our interview and listen to Loveexpress 77 below:

Walk through your creative process for us.

Something in my mind overcomes me. It’s difficult to explain. And it’s always different, never the same.

What has been the most defining moment of your musical career?

10 years ago I was the musical director for a festival in Hamburg called Soul im Park. Where I coordinated one band for a lot of artists and their songs for the whole day. It was a big success and extremely beautiful. After that night I realized that I love collaborating with other artists a lot. From then on I started to concentrate more and more on productions/composition for and with other artists.

What equipment or software did you enjoy writing with the most?

I use Logic. And mostly I love to have just a good upright piano.

What’s your performance setup looking like? Are there any differences between your live and studio kits?

Extremely different. My studio is full of instruments. Drums, percussions, pianos, synthesizers, guitars, mics and so on. My live setup is stripped down to a Maschine from drums and samples, a little Roland J6 synth, one mic, and a MIDI twister for effects. All runs through Ableton.

Give us a brief dive into the inspiration for the EP’s samples and themes.

My samples for the album LOVEXPRESS77 are recordings of my dad’s band Loveexpress from the 70s. They played dance music in clubs and recorded some of their live sets on tape. That’s where the samples and the inspiration for the album come from.

What is your favorite sample from your dad’s old Lovexpress tapes?

Two of them, are from the song ‘Follow Me’, and ‘Lovecircus’. Especially in ‘Lovecircus’, the sample was a song that came out through some jams during their concerts, my dad said. And the vocals are sung by the bass player Leo in that case, in an invented language. Culturally they were super mixed as a band. 

How did you find the collaborators who appear on the LP?

Owen Ross is a good friend and an incredible musician. We just met for a hang out in the Studio and then it happened that we worked together on ‘Samba

Same with Kristine Bogan. I met her through Concord Publishing. It was our 2nd time in the studio together and we put her love and lyrics into the ‘Follow Me’ chorus.

What’s your favorite way to pass the time when you aren’t playing, or listening to funky bops?

I love nature a lot. Living at the beach in Salento I spend a lot of time outside, doing sports, climbing, cooking, and gardening. But to be honest, most of the time I do music.

What’s next for TTeo? Any notable events or plans for collaborations coming up?

I did some beautiful remixes for some artists and stayed in the Lovexpress-Soundworld, so there might be something coming next. On the 1st of December, I am playing a show in Berlin at Stranger Funk before I leave for Costa Rica, for a live set in the jungle.

Watch the fresh new video for ‘Follow Me’:

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November 6, 2023 Spotify set to pay less royalties to up-and-coming artists

Spotify set to pay less royalties to up-and-coming artists

Spotify has revealed an adjustment to its royalty structure, which is expected to result in reduced payouts for less-famous musicians. Under this updated structure, a minimum threshold of streams per song is introduced for artists to qualify for compensation. As reported by Billboard, Spotify intends to “devalue tracks that had previously claimed 0.5% of Spotify’s royalty pool.” This change will affect artists with relatively lower streaming numbers, individuals facing allegations of fraudulent behavior, as well as those who upload content categorized as white noise or nature sounds.

In a recent conversation with Spotify, Music Business Worldwide has uncovered that the minimum threshold for monetization will be set at 1000 plays. According to the publication, this decision aims to “de-monetize tracks that currently, on average, generate less than five cents per month.” It remains unclear how Spotify will distinguish tracks categorized as white noise or nature sounds. In a statement provided to Mixmag Magazine, Spotify stated, “We continuously assess how we can best support artists and engage in ongoing discussions with partners to enhance platform integrity. At this moment, we do not have any updates to share.”

The specific alterations in how Spotify will calculate royalties remain unclear, as the company will need to negotiate new agreements with the majority of record labels and distributors to implement the proposed changes. According to Billboard, major record labels are likely to support this shift as it is expected to increase their revenue. Spotify is currently engaged in discussions with numerous record labels, including Universal Music Group (UMG). As reported by NME, the CEO of UMG announced a “newly expanded agreement” with Spotify, emphasizing an “artist-centric” approach that will benefit “genuine artists with dedicated fanbases.”

The new royalty plan is anticipated to take effect early next year.

September 20, 2023 MØNA shares whimsical single ‘Fairy Tale’.

MØNA shares whimsical single ‘Fairy Tale’.

Emerging American muso MØNA makes her triumphant return with the release of ‘Fairy Tale,‘ which graced all platforms on August 18th, 2023. Locked and loaded with her crystalline vocals and lyrics that are deeply relatable, MØNA brings a refreshing perspective to the world of music. Adding to her accomplishments, she recently graduated from the esteemed Berklee College of Music, majoring in Songwriting. Now, she’s embarking on a journey across the pond to London, where she’ll contribute her passionate devotion to music within artist development at a record label.

MØNA’s latest offering, ‘Fairy Tale,’ is a whimsical and vivid auditory experience. In a world that often tells young girls to yearn for a prince charming to rescue them, MØNA defiantly challenges this notion in ‘Fairy Tale’ through candid and heartfelt verses that challenge the status quo and societal norms. Abound with enchanting strings and glitchy beats, MØNA succeeds in stamping her unique persona on the record while still maintaining mainstream appeal. 

Featuring magical arrangements and MØNA‘s flawless and ethereal vocal delivery, the track is an inspiring and meticulously produced record. At its core, ‘Fairy Tale’ champions female empowerment and the quest for a love deserving of one’s time. It’s a statement against damsels in distress.

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September 1, 2023 shares phased out psych-rock anthem ‘Play It Cool’ shares phased out psych-rock anthem ‘Play It Cool’

Psychedelic Rock Singer-songwriter recently released ‘Play It Cool’, on the 1st of September. Inspired by the likes of Tame Impala, ‘Play It Cool’, is a stunning slice of retro induced psychedelic rock with a clear contemporary edge. Based in Liverpool, the son of a famous record producer, Tom Powell aka has been honing his songwriting from an early age. Mixed by Roy Merchant (Omar, M.I.A, Basement Jaxx) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Kasabian, The Red Hot Chili Peppers), it’s a track with no shortage of capable collaborators.

Featuring in-your-face drums and reverberated vocals, the star of the show is the phaser rich guitar sound that is gritty while still maintaining its loose psychedelic sound. Its lo-fi and loud, riding the line between old and new. However, the true essence of ‘Play It Cool’ lies in its message— a pertinent and poignant response to a culture engrossed in Social Media and Technology. Serving as a reminder to stand at attention, and tune out the noise around us.

The music video accompanying the single is a captivating ode to the iconic Tarantino/Tony Scott film, True Romance. Featuring an exciting escape to Mexico after a successful heist from the Hollywood wardrobe department, two lovers and a Cadillac break down, as the bonnie and clyde duo find solace in a garage, engrossed in love for a fleeting moment in time.


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