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April 25, 2023 Rob Moose Announces Inflorescence EP Feat. Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, Brittany Howard, and more

Rob Moose Announces Inflorescence EP Feat. Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, Brittany Howard, and more

Violinist and yMusic co-founder Rob Mooses shared “I Bend but Never Break” (feat, Brittany Howard), the lead single from his upcoming Inflorescence EP due for release in August. The exciting project will also include further features from Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers, Sara Bareilles, and Emily King.

Moose shared a statement about his new collaboration with Brittany Howard: “I wrote ‘I Bend but Never Break’ during a trying time where I felt like all I could do was ask for strength externally,” 

Brittany Howard remarked in a statement. “I felt tapped out. The world can feel out of control sometimes and terrifying. I wanted to imagine the song as a lifeline to what goodness and positivity exists during those feelings of overwhelm.”

“I’ve only worked on a handful of songs with Brittany, but she’s made an outsize impact on my artistry,” Moose added. “When the opportunity arose to make my own artist project, I knew Brittany had to be a part of it.”

Watch director Maxwell Addae’s “I Bend But Never Break” video below.

01 “I Bend But Never Break” (Feat. Brittany Howard)
02 “Can Only Be Love” (Feat. Emily King)
03 “Marvel Room” (Feat. Bon Iver)
04 “Wasted” (Feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
05 “Extract” (Feat. Sara Bareilles)

April 12, 2023 Marlena Dae Shares Delicate Single ‘No Place To Hide’

Marlena Dae Shares Delicate Single ‘No Place To Hide’

Image via artist

New York-born, Berlin-based musician Marlena Dae has released ‘No Place To Hide’, the lead single from her debut EP entitled A Delicate Storm via the Good Luck Kid imprint.

The song narrates the story of a girl wandering the streets alone at night desperate to escape the reality she lives in and it’s a stunning introduction to the songstress’ talent and ability to make music that drifts over you in waves. 

Marlena Dae says, “I feel I can relate to this longing for freedom in ‘No Place To Hide.’ Trying to escape one’s reality was definitely a topic for me at the time during quarantine. I feel for this main character who is aware of the dangers that lurk around her, yet she is determined to get to where she needs to be.”

Listen to Marlena Dae‘s captivating and atmospheric new offering here.

October 25, 2022 Musician Sedric Perry offers single ‘FTS (Feel The Same)’

Musician Sedric Perry offers single ‘FTS (Feel The Same)’

Image via publicist

R&B singer, songwriter and visual artist Sedric Perry returns with his new single  ‘FTS (Feel The Same)’, the second instalment from his upcoming debut EP The Golden Ratio

Delving into a more rhythmic and modern flow, there’s a double meaning behind the title of this tune. “FTS” (Feel the Same) explores the rabbit hole of toxic relationships and understanding when to call it quits, even though the love is still there. “I’m a complex, emotional person.  We have to grow and allow each other the freedom to do the same,” Sedric says when asked about the inspiration for the track. “No one person has all the answers on how you should live your life, and even if I met them, they’d probably bore me. I’m okay with figuring it out. No matter how much time and love we invest in people or places, sometimes you have to say “FTS” (fuck that shit), give yourself persmission to move forward, and fall in love with yourself so hard that even losing everything can’t break you. There’s no compromise in that – only more love, more light, more growth, more peace. I want that.” 

As a creative, breaking barriers have been at the forefront of Sedric Perry’s artistic expression. He is driven to create a more accepting and inclusive world. His art reflects the love he has for his community, and his previous single “CMB” (Count My Blessings) is no different. Just one week after experiencing a hate crime in Senegal, Sedric removed his bandages and filmed the music video for CMB with the support of his tribe in Dakar. He decided to shift the narrative of the victim, back to one of strength and perseverance. “No matter what, it is my goal to push the conversation forward”. Now, he gets even more personal as he explores the struggles of queer love in “FTS”. He also makes his debut as a director in the upcoming music video. 

You may recognize him from the critically acclaimed cult duo FHAT music. The brash queer duo made waves in Berlin, and turned heads among queer icons like Ru Paul and could be seen on HBO’s “We’re Here”. Last year his main projects (FHAT, Yuphoric, Sedric Perry) collectively received 6 million streams independently. His work can be seen on Billboard, Complex, and Gay Times Magazine. This year, he received a BMVA for his latest music video collaboration “Unbreakable Habits”. In spite of any setbacks which he reveals in the EP, he shows no signs of slowing down. Fans of Brent Fiyaz and 90s R&B will appreciate this mellow, yet energetic bop. 

November 29, 2021 KARMACODA wrap up 2021 with hand-animated music video

KARMACODA wrap up 2021 with hand-animated music video

Looking back, it’s clear 2021 has been the year of greats for KARMACODA. The trio kicked things off in March with the release of their captivating single, Make Me The One whose video won numerous awards including two 2021 Hermes Creative Awards, one Unglued Music Video award and three Davey Awards for Video Entertainment, Best Use of Music and Art Direction. There were several other releases for the band as they built towards the reveal of their stunning LP,  Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire which was released a few short months later in July. 

Stream/ buy: Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire LP

The US-based trio have returned once more to round out the end of the year with one last release: a carefully handcrafted music video for their melancholic single, ‘Lo-Fi Girl’. The video was animated by Shubhranshu and Shephali at the Entangled Studio in India and calls to mind bygone eras and timeless love stories. KARMACODA’s latest video has already received support from Clout Magazine and Raw Entertainment with rustles in the air as more publications become lost in the video.

Brett of KARMACODA share his thoughts on the video for ‘Lo-Fi Girl’: “We reached out to Shubhranshu and Shephali at Entangled Studio because their artistic vision for the music video fit perfectly with the somber, even sad, emotions conveyed in the song.  We’re thrilled by the results.”