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September 16, 2022 Festival-loving producer Super Plage unveils ‘Forêt Magique’

Festival-loving producer Super Plage unveils ‘Forêt Magique’

Image credit: Marie Michelle Bouchard

Like walking through Wonderland, French-Candian artist Super Plage’s music video for his latest single, ‘Forêt Magique’, exudes child-like joy; the flamboyant musician and his minions are recruiting listeners to join their legion of fun, inviting us to become a part of their magic.

Stream / Download: Super Plage – ‘Forêt Magique’

Light-hearted and playful, the single strives to embody Super Plage’s central concept: “This song was inspired by a crazy trip to a festival where the music and the play of lights hidden in the forest completely bewitched us to create a magical moment during these scorching nights. It evokes dance, glitter and love in the river.”

The record ripples with psychedelia, shuttling listeners down a rabbit hole of light and sound. We plummet further and further, past whirlpools of kaleidoscopic imagery, clouds of candyfloss, and geometric nostalgia before landing in the artist’s imagination. Like Super Plage’s French, the blends between verses and choruses sound fluent, making for a single that falls gently on the ears.

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September 6, 2022 Cimo Fränkel displays intimacy in new deluxe album

Cimo Fränkel displays intimacy in new deluxe album

Image credits: Kanya Iwana

The Cimo Fränkel (Deluxe) album gives the audience a new perspective of what Cimo Fränkel can do. Whether you’re in the mood for something calm and intimate or something more upbeat to get the blood flowing, this album caters for all. 

Stream / Download: Cimo Fränkel (Deluxe)

We believe the reason for this is because he imbued intimacy into new versions of his tracks, including an acoustic version of his collaboration with world-renowned trance heavyweight, Armin Van Buuren on ‘All Comes Down’. Cimo tones down the club track to show the fans a softer side of him, turning this energy-filled dance track into an emotionally expressive ballad.

Cimo Fränkel gives admiration and recognition to Cam on a live cover of her glorious track ‘Burning House’. Again, Cimo reveals his vulnerability in this song, with a vocal tone that shows it has meaning to him.

Cimo Fränkel says on the project: “This album is special to me because it wasn’t written and produced in one place. I traveled the world during that time which makes it feel like an adventure. I had to open the album with a song I wrote and recorded with my father because he is one of the main reasons I am in music in the first place.” 

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September 2, 2022 Jerry Folk shares two troublesome songs

Jerry Folk shares two troublesome songs

Image credit: @akamike

Twice the music, twice the trouble, twice the fun. Jerry Folk has released two hard-hitting singles on the same day, both of which have been released under the Folkestad Recordings label. First impressions are everything, and this blew ours away. My, oh, my, do we have a lot to discuss. Let’s delve deep and figure out what makes these records tick. 

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Let us begin with ‘sadsongwtf’. The single conveys a moody atmosphere reminiscent of an era of darker-sounding hip-hop. Minor keys evoke a melancholy that we find ourselves pleasantly lost in. It’s easy to think that XXXTentacion or juice WRLD would have heard the melodic 808 kick in and memorable snare pattern snap and immediately felt inspired to drop a hot 16. 

‘All The Things’ is the complete opposite. Degenerating 8bit plucks carry that blissful videogame quality. We fixate on the stuttered synths, which pan across our field of hearing as if to notify us that Jerry Folk has levelled up. What a fun experience we had listening to these twin tracks.

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August 22, 2022 eevee and sweeep excite with the new song ‘the one’

eevee and sweeep excite with the new song ‘the one’

Image Credit: Secret Souls

Forward-thinking producers eevee and sweeep have returned to the studio to produce a pleasantly haunting record called ‘the one’.  The single is a sneak preview of their forthcoming collaborative album vandalism and selfcare, scheduled for release under eevee’s Secret Souls label.

Stream / Download ‘the one’

The single feels as if it represents a forgotten place, once loved but now lost, eroded by the sands of time. Like a flame in the wind, noises flicker, casting long shadows on the walls. Crickets chirp in the corners while spinning vinyl crackle calls to us, inviting us to explore the abandoned ruins of memory and melody. 

The single is as much of a deconstruction as it is a production. Bits and pieces fall away, collapsing beneath our feet so that we plummet into a torrent of emotion that the two creators have unleashed.  But we swim through, arriving safely on sturdy shores where eevee and sweeep wait to warm us.

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