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March 27, 2024 Listen to Karmacoda’s ode to the risk and rapture of new love, ‘Unfolded (Put A Little Love)’

Listen to Karmacoda’s ode to the risk and rapture of new love, ‘Unfolded (Put A Little Love)’

San Fransiscan trio KARMACODA have unveiled a new single, ‘Unfolded (Put a Little Love)’ on March 22nd, 2024 via Sola Musa Music. The track, receiving early support from NOTION Magazine, follows the recent release of their stirring single ‘Try At Me’ in January 2024. KARMACODA is composed of Jessica Ford (vocals), Brett Crockett aka B. (vocals and producer), and Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist Eric Matsuno (bass and unique elements). They have received support from respected online publications such as EARMILK, CLASH Magazine, Wonderland Magazine, and many more. Their music has received airplay on NPR Music and Irish National radio RTÉ 2XM’s Dan Hegarty. With an extensive discography, placements in several film and TV scores, and numerous awards, the trio has explored electronica, chill, trip-hop, R&B, rock, and dream pop in their two-decade career. KARMACODA continues to transcend genre boundaries, blending soulful R&B and jazz lounge music to create a unique sound reminiscent of Adele, Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis.

‘Unfolded (Put a Little Love)’ is an emotional tribute to the overwhelming sensation of falling in love. Its tender sound, featuring soulful keys, subtle jazz percussion, and romantic synth strings, transports listeners into a realm of affection. Jessica’s vocals soar passionately over this instrumentation, conveying the joy and intensity of new love.

Jessica revealed: It’s that feel good song with admittance of loving someone and letting them know how you feel. You can’t keep it a secret anymore. You gotta tell them, hoping they will feel the same. Mad crush vibes with a tinge of nervousness, when you finally let the cat out of the bag. Like “are you feeling what I’m feeling?” If so, let’s take this friendship to the next level, and I’m feeling excited so… put a little love in your heart and match me.”



January 29, 2024 Listen to KARMACODA’s powerful new single, ‘Try At Me’

Listen to KARMACODA’s powerful new single, ‘Try At Me’

The acclaimed group KARMACODA unveiled their latest single, ‘Try At Me,’ on January 26th, 2024, through Sola Musa Music. Situated in San Francisco, USA, KARMACODA consists of Jessica Ford (vocals), Brett Crockett (aka B., vocals, and producer), and Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist Eric Matsuno (bass and various unique elements). Over the past two decades, KARMACODA has explored a diverse range of genres, evolving and honing their sound into a soulful, sophisticated blend of R&B and jazz lounge. Their music has garnered recognition from reputable online platforms such as EARMILK, CLASH Magazine, Wonderland Magazine, and NOTION Mag, among others. Additionally, their tracks have received airplay on NPR Music and Irish National radio RTÉ 2XM’s Dan Hegarty. With placements in numerous film and TV scores, the trio has earned several awards, including the Hermes Creative Awards (Platinum) for the ‘Lo-Fi Girl’ and ‘Make Me The One’ videos, the latter also securing an Unglued Music Video (Gold) and three Davey Awards for Video Entertainment, Best Use of Music, and Art Direction (all Silver).

‘Try At Me’ serves as a heartfelt yet powerful anthem of self-liberation and triumph over adversity. KARMACODA’s musical expression adopts a soulful, R&B essence infused with the sophistication of jazz lounge vibes. The listener is treated to a soothing, syncopated downtempo rhythm, minimal yet moving R&B bassline, and understated instrumental compositions adorned with the subtle touch of jazz piano. Vocalist Jessica Ford bares her soul in her passionate and impactful delivery, reminiscent of artists such as Adele, Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis, and Lana Del Ray.

Jessica divulged: “I wrote this song about a young girl I teach singing to. She had been through so much loss, anger, sadness and so many trials; more than any little girl should ever have to endure. I watched her fall into a depression, so much so, she didn’t want to sing anymore. Slowly but surely, through love, time and a lot of work, she started coming back, becoming more confident. I watched her fight for it.The song ‘Try At Me’... the words are “it’s time to try at me”, in other words, it’s time to give myself some girl power. It’s time to find myself, it’s time for me to rise, take a chance on myself, get out of this dark place, be heard, grow, and take a leap of faith, even when I feel beat up, I know I can stand up, try at me. She did, and she is. She is singing again. I couldn’t love this more. To my girl, this one’s for you.” 


January 24, 2024 Les Biches release a mesmerizing music video for their single ‘The White Shape Of Noise’

Les Biches release a mesmerizing music video for their single ‘The White Shape Of Noise’

LA-based rock supergroup Les Biches released a music video for their touching track, ‘The White Shape Of Noise’. The song is taken from their album The Mysteries, which was released on the 10th of November, 2023. Named after a Jaques Brel song and a 1968 French film, Les Biches began initially as an open-ended collaborative project whose sole constant member was songwriter Keith Joyner. The current lineup of Joyner, Chris Candelaria (bass), Dusty Starr (guitars), and Kevin Pinnt (drums) share a roster of bands including Twinstar, Revolux, Chihuahua, The The, Caterwaul and Seven Simons.

‘The White Shape of Noise’ is a moving rendezvous of epic sixties psychedelia, reanimating the sounds of legends like Pink Floyd and Procol Harum in its lengthy, full arrangement soaked in echoes and reverb. 

The accompanying music video showcases the band performing the song, with frames full of overlays and kaleidoscopic colours, beautifully complementing the song’s dreamlike and somewhat melancholic hypnosis.

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October 13, 2023 Interview with Irish indie rockers The Burma

Interview with Irish indie rockers The Burma

The Burma have returned with a stunning full length album titled Crazy Dreams & Cruel Realities, released on the 6th of October 2023 via their own label The Burma Music Group. Having received support from The Rolling Stone India, CLASH Magazine, NOTION Magazine, Hot Press, Atwood Magazine, and Off, the trio has also earned spins on RTÉ 2FM with Dan Hegarty as well as RTÉ Radio 1. Their single ‘Holiday’ has already premiered and received support from EARMILK, and the boys have earned support slots for artists such as The Academic and The Strypes, while simultaneously gaining extensive airplay across Ireland, the UK, and the USA. Read our interview with their drummer Cian Doherty below.

Walk us through your creative process?

The songs always starts with either Peter (guitar) or Tony (vocals). One of them will come up with the initial idea and send some sort of a demo to the rest of us and it goes from there. Sometimes the demos can be full arrangements of a song, and other times they can be just a voice note with chords and a melody or one single instrument part, it varies. We do the majority of our work on our own at home, recording and writing parts etc. and then we send in a recording of it into our group chat and let the others sit with it for a while. We make adjustments from there. We wouldn’t really be the type of band to jam for hours in practice. There’s usually a plan for each rehearsal and we go in and get it done with parts that have been worked on and written at home.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

The Smiths, Tame Impala, The Strokes and The Weekend.

What instruments do you play?

Tony O Donovan is the singer, Peter Piggott is the guitar player and Cian Doherty is our drummer.

What would you like to work with if you weren’t a musician?

I (Cian) would be working in the business side of the music industry as either an artist manager or tour manager.

Whats one piece of gear you can’t live without? What equipment are you using?

The Roland SPD-SX. We use some tracks for our live shows for extra synths and processed vocals etc. so we have the whole show built around the use of the SPD-SX. I am in control of the tracks from the drums so there’s a lot that goes on surrounding that and making sure it runs smoothly. Peter records each track himself and looks after the audio for each one and makes sure it’s show ready. We’re always updating and trying to improve them.

Tell us something unrelated to music. What are your hobbies?

We’re pretty boring. Music pretty much dominates our life.

If you could meet one performer/artist who would it be?


What does the future hold for you as an artist?

A life making a living from our music, hopefully.

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