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June 14, 2022 Jerry Folk switches up his sound with latest trap song

Jerry Folk switches up his sound with latest trap song

          Photo credit: @akam1ke

Jerry Folk changes and switches up his genrescape with latest single ‘U Got it’. This track proves to us why Jerry Folk is a master in his craft, as he has the ability to shift his sound whenever he feels led to with charisma and undeniable talent. ‘90s RnB vocal stylings merge together with intoxicating trap beats that are hard to resist from the start.

Stream/ Download: ‘U Got It’ on SpotifyiTunes

Previously featured on our blog (read full feature) with the single ‘On My Way (ft. Bearson)’, we previously shared: “We love it when an artist reinvents themselves and we like to eagerly sit on the sidelines, watching which new way the producer may turn. Jerry Folk, with the launch of his side project, FENGSEL, has just done this. While his previous single, ‘Everything’, was in a closer style to his older work, ‘On My Way ft. Bearson’ (released today via Folkestad Recordings) takes a turn towards the indie-pop.”

This Folkestad Recordings release sets the atmosphere for rainy weather with its pensive yet sultry beat that make the perfect background for a creative mood. ‘U Got it’ takes a more serious tone compared to the light and playful predecessor ‘On My Way (ft. Bears

on)’ , making Jerry Folk an artist to watch as his sound is always shifting with panache.

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May 11, 2022 Music producer Gryffin shares transcending dance song ‘Alive’

Music producer Gryffin shares transcending dance song ‘Alive’

Production extraordinaire Gryffin has linked up with regular collaborator Calle Lehmann on new single ‘Alive’.

Steeped in emotion, ‘Alive’ is a rousing single that centres around poignant chords and Lehmann’s impassioned vocals. It follows ‘You Were Loved’, Gryffin’s mammoth collaboration with One Republic, with both tracks set to feature on his forthcoming sophomore album.

Gryffin made his breakthrough in 2016 with two singles showcasing his melodic take on dance music: ‘Heading Home’ ft. Josef Salvat (which shot to #1 on the Spotify US and Global Viral charts) and the Bipolar Sunshine collaboration ‘Whole Heart’. In addition, his 2017 smash single ‘Feel Good’ — with Illenium and Daya — peaked at #18 on the Dance/Mix Show Airplay charts. He then collaborated with pop icon Carly Rae Jepsen on ‘OMG’ and young Swedish talent Maia Wright on 2019 smash ‘Body Back’, both singles that featured on his acclaimed debut album Gravity

Stockholm artist Calle Lehmann has worked with Gryffin on more than one occasion, first lending his vocals to 2019’s ‘All You Need To Know’, a track that earned RIAA Gold certification and has since racked up 176 million global Spotify streams. More recently he featured on ‘After You’, Gryffin’s single with Jason Ross.

On ‘Alive’, Gryffin yet again proves why he is one of the most adored musical artists on the planet.

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April 25, 2022 R&B infused pop band SYTË share song ‘Where Did the Love Go’

R&B infused pop band SYTË share song ‘Where Did the Love Go’

Image: Rina Statovici

Fusing pop-perfect hooks with a laid back indie style, SYTË (meaning “eyes” in Albanian) are making their mark in the alt-pop scene. Based in New York, the group has an abundant blend of musical backgrounds, with elements of R&B, pop, indie, metal and Jazz, creating a sound and vibe that transcends genre, geography, age and gender.

The group initially formed when vocalist Nita Kaja was visiting her family’s hometown of Prishtina, Kosovo and met future partner and band mate Drin Tashi. Falling deeply in love with the free-spirited and alternative lifestyle of the city, and being surrounded by a thriving and youthful music scene, Kaja felt inspired to create her own music, forming a duo with Tashi in 2018, before teaming up with drummer Granit Havolli and bassist Fatlind Ferati; evolving into the four-piece band we know today.

The new single “Where Did the Love Go” was written after three long months of isolation. Feeling disconnected from the world and missing out on a European tour due to the pandemic, Kaja penned the lyrics after finally reuniting with a friend, causing a burst of inspiration and the creation of this soulful tune. The sultry-hued vocals are a perfect complement to the funk-driven bassline, twinkling keys and groove-laden percussion, resulting in this vibrant, yet sonically textured track.  Hoping to encourage people to express their seemingly-niche emotions, the band write music about acknowledging and navigating through destructive thoughts and patterns. Wanting to see popular music shift to a more introspective and intentional place, the band expressed, “Documenting these overlooked emotions can help bring humanity together and highlight how much more similar we are to one another than we think”.

Known for their electrifying performances, SYTË have already played a number of well-known festivals including Pop Kultur Festival, Localize Festival and Sunny Hill Festival, where they opened for powerhouses like Dua Lipa, Action Bronson and Martin Garrix. Returning to New York City to work on new music and grow as artists, and with nods from publications such as i-D, Noizz.d and The Line of Best Fit, the band are in for a swell of a season!

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December 15, 2021 INTERVIEW: We catch up with avant-pop songstress Fifi Rong

INTERVIEW: We catch up with avant-pop songstress Fifi Rong

Now, if you’ve been following RCRD LBL for the past year, chances are you would have heard about the Chinese-British songstress Fifi Rong and her fantastical build towards releasing her latest crowd-funded album, There Is A Funeral In My Heart, For Every Man I Loved. The singer first arrived on our radar in February 2021 with the release of Another Me and the artistic music video that accompanied it. In the nearly full year to follow, we saw Fifi Rong investigate the world of live performance, become a forerunner in the NFT community and launch the impressively successful crowd-funding campaign that helped her give back to her followers and collaborators alike.  

Album Stream/ download

It seemed only fitting to round off the year with Fifi Rong as we explore her mind, creative process and plans for the future. Find it all in the exclusive interview below. 

Tell us about your first memory of music and how it inspired you

I was 4 watching this TV show about pianists and I developed this aching desire toward it and begged my parents to get me a piano.

In your biog, you mentioned how you’ve struggled to reconcile the two different sides of society (Western and Eastern). Do you feel you were able to bring the two together in your latest album?

Yes absolutely. It’s effortless now, and I can dial to any side as I wish. 

There Is A Funeral In My Heart, For Every Man I Loved was crowd-funded, reaching the goal before the campaign ended. Tell us how you feel about this success and what you envision the next step to be

I’m very proud and loved. We reached the goal 2 weeks before the end of the campaign and ended at 164% crossed Indiegogo and my website’s crowdfunding period. This is proof of the ‘1000 true fan’ theory of how modern artists can have true creative freedom and full support from a relatively small number of true supporters instead of millions of distant listeners/fans. Going forward, I will be taking my connection with my real supporters to web3, which is an environment where this culture I have developed in my community can really thrive.

What is your favourite aspect of your video for ‘Out Of Clock’? What makes it stand out from the rest?

I speak in Chinese and English in the monologue at the intro, and tell the story of Why There Is A Funeral In My Heart in Chinese on one of the stereo fields, whereas I kept repeating the Album title in the other stereo field. It sums up the album really, and the production style is my favourite type in all my productions too: ‘passive aggressive’. Also, the chorus really spells out the general emotional signature of the entire album. ‘My heart is running out of love, for anyone, to stay’… after every funeral I gave to every single love affair. It’s a memoir of love after all.

The world of NFTs is quickly evolving, with you as one of the forerunners in the community. Tell us why you believe this new digital world is so important?

Cryptocurrency and NFT is a new technology, a disruptive one. Technology is a one way street, and NFT as a technology will take over the whole world before everyone realises it. It creates a better, fairer world and financial system, a win-win situation for creators, fans, and collectors, and adds much more utility and ownership to the relations between them. 

Metaverse is the immediate future that will integrate with most of our lives and NFT is the builder block of this meta universe we are moving into. 

Where is a good starting point for an artist looking to enter the NFT game? What tips would you give to a newcomer?

Web3 is powered by people and communities and the key is self governance, so education and connection with others in the community is the first and foremost aspect of longevity in NFT. So I’d recommend finding us on twitter, we have community space to educate and connect all the time around the week/cock. My twitter is @fifirong so follow me and connect on my daily onboarding show and I’ll set them up.

Tell us about your latest album. Which track shouldn’t fans sleep on and why?

‘I’m Enough’ has been talked about a lot from the feedback so far. I didn’t expect that, as I didn’t get special ‘love’ earlier during the making of the album from my peers, so I was sleeping on it. But now the album is out, people are loving it, and felt that it should have been a single as well. But then, the traditional industry may think there’s no single in my album, whereas my true supporters think every song is a single. Guess whose view I care more about?:)

One last thought to leave with your fans?

I love loving you

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    Image credit: Dylan Chubb