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October 26, 2021 Music producer Benny Benassi & charismatic singer Ne-Yo share new song

Music producer Benny Benassi & charismatic singer Ne-Yo share new song

International superstar producer and DJ Benny Benassi is no stranger to creating memorable tracks. Benny has released his latest anthem Let Me Go” featuring the luscious vocals of Ne-Yo. “Let Me Go” marks the first time the two major artists working together. Created during the pandemic, Ne-Yo and Benassi traded files digitally pinging the song back and forth between American and European continents which resulted in the pop crossover track heard today. The dance floor burner, produced by Benassi and his BB Team in Italy, his highlighted by the R&B superstar’s powerful performance of asking to be let go by an unrequited love.

Benny Benassi shared his gratitude on socials: “I’ve been a fan of NE-YO from day one. I was looking for the right voice to set this track on fire. I was so thrilled when he said he wanted to record it. His performance is so stylish and beautiful. I am honored”

Since the release of the track last week, the song has been streamed over 30 000 times on Ultra Music’s Youtube channel. Check out the track below.

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October 22, 2021 Agnes releases ‘Magic Still Exists’ album and lets her “spiritual disco” flag fly

Agnes releases ‘Magic Still Exists’ album and lets her “spiritual disco” flag fly

Swedish dance-pop maestro Agnes has released her latest album Magic Still Exists via Universal music. The songstress has been in the spotlight since the tender age of 16, and her major global dancefloor hit ‘Release Me’ topped Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs, reached the Top Ten in charts worldwide and sold over 900,000 copies in the UK alone.

She has since gone on to release a string of hits – but  Magic Still Exists is a stunning artistic leap forward. After taking a long break, this album release sees her making a strong statement of creativity, with a truly diverse tracklist. However, the LP has no shortage of commanding dance-pop vibes and certainly calls for repeated listens.

She explains the process behind it: “‘Magic Still Exists’ is a collection of epiphanies about what it means to be human and our need to constantly search for something bigger, something more. The album was made together with friends and the process has therefore been very intimate. Something that made me relax, let go and have fun with it”.

LP track ‘Here Comes The Night‘ features on the Spotify playlist

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September 7, 2021 Stellar dance-pop singer Harper Starling shares encouraging music video

Stellar dance-pop singer Harper Starling shares encouraging music video

Dance-pop starlet Harper Starling debuts her new release, “No More What If.” Written by Harper Starling and co-written and co-produced by Cindy Valentine (Bebe Rexha, Britney Spears, Alisha) and Niko The Kid (Outkast, Ariana Grande),No More What If” is a dance-pop anthem designed to get the floor moving, but it’s also an old-fashioned storytelling song — a tale of a creative young woman who loved her home but was also hungry for experience and recognition. 

At the core, “No More What If” is an autobiographical tale of Harper taking the leap from her hometown to Los Angeles, the city of dreams. No matter where you’ve grown up, leaving home is hard. If you’re lucky enough to be native to a region as pretty, friendly, and welcoming as Southeastern Wisconsin, it’s tempting to stay in the place you recognize. You might be satisfied with life as you’ve always known it. But if you choose never to chase after your dreams, you may always wonder: what if? Harper unspools this narrative over propulsive beats and sings it all in a voice that shines and moves like a beam of sunlight breaking through the clouds. 

The “No More What If” music video premiered exclusively on PopWrapped. The visual, which was directed by Devin J. Dilmore, is moving, heartfelt, and honest, but it’s also quite funny: when the aspiring Harper presents her resume to random passersby on the streets of Hollywood, it’s full of Upper Midwestern in-jokes. Her ability to poke fun at herself, even while she’s pursuing stardom, is incredibly endearing. Underscoring the entirety of the visual is an ode to Southern California: the copious, glorious sunshine, the car rides through glamorous neighborhoods, the scramble up the ladder of showbiz success, and the terrific costumes that the singer gets to wear once she’s made herself at home in Los Angeles.

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June 18, 2021 Music duo Elephants Everywhere share dance-coma inducing banger

Music duo Elephants Everywhere share dance-coma inducing banger

Image credit: Chester Pink

Music duo Elephants Everywhere are on a mission. That is to make dance-coma inducing bangers that are so hypnotic that it’s hard not to hit the replay button. The duo is based in the always excitingly chaotic city of Los Angeles, which is the perfect place for musicians and acts to be picked up and noticed. Consisting of members John Shekerjian & Sean Bartoshuk, the duo have been signed to the reputable record label and Youtube channel Unique Vibes.

Stream/Download: ‘Numb’

Releasing the single ‘Give Me Love’ recently, the track was written during the lockdown period. Listening to the single we received a small audible beam of joy which is always welcome, more now than ever. The duo’s latest single ‘Numb’ via Unique Vibes focuses more on adrenaline with sporadic basslines that make the heartstrings jump around. Listening to this track one is guaranteed to feel instantly pumped up and ready to seize the day. Be on the lookout for what’s to come from this duo, as they have got big guns Unique Vibes behind their name with over 4 million subscribers on their Youtube channel alone.

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