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June 8, 2023 Dance-pop duo Split Kick deliver retro record ‘Fantasy’

Image via publicist

Caught in the glow of the spotlight, Dance-pop duo Split Kick have stuck their hands in the hat and pulled out a retro number titled ‘Fantasy’, out now via Love Swing Records. Comprised of Canadian musician Andrew Corbin and Miami native Pete Neonakis, the pair bring their love of high-energy music to their latest pumping dance track.

‘Fantasy’ is a throwback record that brings to mind the two dominant golden eras of dance music. Yes, that’s right. The ‘70s and ‘80s are back, baby, with Split Kick taking the lead. In it, there’s a bit of everything: smooth Disco flavour here with a touch of the classic House there. A solid four-on-the-floor kick and snare combo establishes the track’s foundation, while a neon-bright vocal hook illuminates the upper layers of the track.

Describing their intentions for the track, the duo said: “We wanted to create a minimalistic tune that pumps hard for the DJ’s, while also adding something unique and interesting with the vocals. Fantasy feels like that classic late night banger that gets you through to your second wind.”

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