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May 24, 2024 Dave Curl – Soulful singer-songwriter releases ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’ Single & Video

Dave Curl – Soulful singer-songwriter releases ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’ Single & Video

Independent Australian-Swiss singer-songwriter and producer Dave Curl releases his iconic single & video ’Don’t Talk Anymore’. He recently released a unique sophomore LP, Lockdown – Seven Nations, on February 23, 2024. Boasting over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, airplay on numerous indie radio stations in Germany and abroad. With performances in the respected Kulturkoller Club and around 20 other locations, Dave Curl has shown no signs of slowing down. The prolific performer has released nearly two dozen singles, two EPs, and the 2021 full-length album, Introducing. His newest project promises listeners an infectious and thought-provoking concoction of rock and roll.

With a glitchy introduction ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’ beckons the listener with bluesy guitar and an edgy bass line with a syncopated drum groove in a classic tone. Dave Curl offers up an electrifying rock track connected to the times. In the animated lyric video we are introduced to Dave in stillness, observing reality through virtually reality goggles. With scenes of life unfolding behind him, he identifies the indifference a tech-infused lifestyle creates.  

Dave Curl shared: Don’t Talk Anymore’ captures the modern epidemic of disconnection, as people immerse themselves in smartphones rather than meaningful conversation. Inspired by a train journey through the Italian part of Switzerland, Dave Curl was struck by the eerie silence of fellow passengers glued to their screens. Expecting lively chatter, he instead found an irritating scene of silence. This moment sparked the idea of ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’. The song serves as an ironic reminder of the importance of meaningful communication in an increasingly virtual world.

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April 24, 2024 Rising pop sensation Pilar Victoria shares a heartfelt single, ‘Headphones’

Rising pop sensation Pilar Victoria shares a heartfelt single, ‘Headphones’

Texas-based Argentinian singer-songwriter Pilar Victoria unveiled a captivating new single titled ‘Headphones’ on 19 April 2024. Pilar’s multicultural background influences her music, creating a unique blend of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Posting snippets of her original compositions on TikTok, Pilar Victoria quickly garnered a devoted following, catapulting her into the spotlight. Her breakthrough moment came with her song Wilted Flower, which went viral on TikTok overnight, amassing millions of views and setting the stage for her meteoric rise in the music industry. Signing with the renowned label Platoon, she released a critically acclaimed EP, collaborating with Grammy-winning producer Rick Nowels, known for his work with icons like Lana Del Rey, Stevie Nicks, Dua Lipa and Marina.

Co-written with Rick Nowels in Santa Monica, ‘Headphones’ seamlessly blends melancholy with upbeat pop sensibilities, capturing the bittersweet essence of heartbreak. Beginning as a sweet piano ballad, it breaks into an upbeat dream pop heartthrob instrumental that Pilar’s angelic vocals soar over. 

Pilar Victoria shared: “I wrote this song during a time where I knew I was going to be losing someone and I couldn’t handle it. I wanted to block out all the pain and intense emotions I was feeling. I thought the metaphor of putting headphones on was a cool expression of saying how I wanted to tune out all the noise and what was going on around me. I just wanted to be alone in my thoughts. I think sometimes we all just want to put on headphones.” 

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April 24, 2024 Nastiya Kai unveils a new single and video, ‘Party At My House’

Nastiya Kai unveils a new single and video, ‘Party At My House’

Alt pop powerhouse Nastiya Kai is set to unleash another single and video, ‘Party At My House’, on April 19th, 2024 via her label Nastiya Kai Music. She has also announced the release of her debut album, Demon Era, set to drop later in 2024. ‘Party At My House’ follows the release of her haunting hit ‘Bury Me’ in October 2023, which received support from NOTION Magazine, CLASH Magazine, and EARMILK as well as landing her an interview with Numéro Magazine and airplay on Flux FM. With her music accumulating more than 141 500 streams and counting, the dark pop diva is carving a place for herself in pop’s prolific world, and she’s here to stay. Hailing from Moscow and now based in LA, Nastiya Kai is an entirely self-taught musician with a sound that has been compared to Caroline Polachek and Sub Urban. Carving a place for herself in the ever-growing pop world, her music is for fans of avant-pop luminaries such as Billie Eilish, Grimes and VÉRITÉ. 

‘Party At My House’ is a multifaceted composition that seamlessly melds avant-pop rhythms with glitchy ambient tones, culminating in a tender acoustic finale. The accompanying video, crafted in a DIY fashion, follows Nastiya as she navigates through a masked gathering, mirroring the themes of isolation and solitude embedded in the song. The forthcoming album assures a rich tapestry of feelings and musical styles, highlighting Nastiya Kai’s distinct prowess and unfiltered passion.

Nastiya Kai revealed: ‘Party At My House’ is a song about loneliness and what lengths one will go to to avoid feeling this way. This song is a little bit like a movie to me and describes a particular day in my life. It’s a glimpse in my subconscious really, I really wanted to tell my story here. It is an electronic party song with an underlying sense of anxiety and an unexpected change of narrative in the end. Exactly what a party you didn’t want to go to would feel like.”

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April 16, 2024 Emerging multicultural marvel Daada shares a new single, ‘Moonlight’

Emerging multicultural marvel Daada shares a new single, ‘Moonlight’

Daada, aka Maike Valentina Kusserow, dropped her single ‘Moonlight’ on April 12th via Daada Music. She’s gained viral fame on TikTok and Instagram in Kenya with over 500K views on two videos of her singing. Her music has been featured on Spotify and Boomplay playlists, and she’s been interviewed on various radio stations across Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Daada has also received nominations and attention from Amazon Music Germany and media outlets like The Citizen and RBB Kultur. In June 2024, she’ll release her second EP, blending genres from around the world, sure to please fans of multicultural artists like Mayra Andrade and Ibeyi.

‘Moonlight’ is an enchanting listen with a captivating melody and irresistible rhythm. The synergy between Daada’s exquisite vocals and the pulsing Afro-Colombian beat weaves a spellbinding dance, drawing in listeners in with breathtaking ease.

Daada revealed: ‘Moonlight’ is the result of a great deal of inner turmoil rushing out of me and into a song in an hour or two last September. It is an explosion of emotions. The best thing about it is that it’s also an explosion of the different places I am from and a journey through them. It’s trilingual. On one hand it was made by two Colombians (myself and Claudio), so you will feel Reggaeton and even Cumbia vibes. At the same time you will hear an African vibe rhythmically. And of course, it was made in an apartment on Sonnenallee, one of the busiest, loudest streets of Berlin. So there’s some Berlin in it too.”

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