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November 30, 2023 Listen to The Irrepressibles’ breathtaking new ballad, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’

Listen to The Irrepressibles’ breathtaking new ballad, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’

On November 23rd, 2023, Jamie Irrepressible and his seven-piece band The Irrepressibles released yet another haunting single, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’, via Of Naked Design. The Manchester-based vocalist and composer, Jamie, started The Irrepressibles back in 2002. They have since built a discography of three critically-acclaimed albums. Collectively amassing over three billion streams, he has also collaborated with industry icons like Røyksopp, Rex The Dog, and Ionalee. More recently, The Irrepressibles performed the Self Love & Acceptance EP to sold-out shows in churches and concert halls across the UK, such as St Mark’s in Edinburgh, London’s St Luke’s, and Oxford’s St Barnabas’. 

Following the release of his latest EP, Self Love & Acceptance, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’ is a delicate piano ballad, exploring themes of loneliness and yearning for somebody to love. Jamie’s voice is tender but brimming with powerful emotion, carried gently by the reverb-soaked, minimal instrumental arrangement. Strings swell as Jamie’s voice tentatively but bravely sings of hope for one day finding a home in someone.

Jamie Irrepressible revealed: “’Will I Ever Find A Home?’ expresses the longing to find that someone as a gay man or queer person in these times of fleeting affairs and commercialism where the sense of home with someone to love becomes all too elusive.”

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November 16, 2023 Listen to Jenny Alien’s sizzling single, ‘Summer Fling’, from new LP ‘Massive Love Bangers’

Listen to Jenny Alien’s sizzling single, ‘Summer Fling’, from new LP ‘Massive Love Bangers’

Brooklyn-based hyperpop princess Jenny Alien has dropped her electric second LP, Massive Love Bangers on the 15th of November, 2023. Written, produced and mixed by Jenny herself, Massive Love Bangers delivers 32 minutes jam-packed with infectious hooks, pulsating beats and daring experimental electronic textures, narrating the agonies and ecstasies of coming-of-age experiences with raw and witty songwriting. The album’s catchy lead single, ‘Summer Fling’, landed a week before the album and served us a sizzling appetizer for what was to come.

‘Summer Fling’ is the perfect showcase of Jenny‘s prowess as producer and songwriter, striking a moving balance between bright and hopeful 80s power pop balladry and uber-modern hyperpop nuances and production. Jenny’s glitchy vocals are energizing and enchanting, her lyrics honest and emotive – ‘Summer Fling’ is a perfect 21st-century anthem for processing the wonder and confusion of a short-lived, sun-soaked romance.

On the album as a whole, Jenny divulged: “Massive Love Bangers’ is an unabashed pop compilation of love and heartbreak, and is embarrassingly sincere. It’s pop and chaotic, punk at moments, then ends on a stripped down guitar ballad – an emotional arch similar to the craziness of what my experience of falling in and out of love feels like. Dance, cry, scream, make up, make out (I don’t care), while I open up about my love life, partying, sex, drugs, queerness, and everything in between.”

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November 9, 2023 Tate McRae’s anthem ‘Greedy’ has TikTok in a chokehold

Tate McRae’s anthem ‘Greedy’ has TikTok in a chokehold

Canadian singer Tate McRae‘s scintillating single ‘Greedy’ has taken the internet by storm. It was released through RCA Records on September 15, 2023, as the lead single from her upcoming second studio album Think Later. The song is one of her most commercially successful to date, earning over 260 million streams on Spotify and peaking at number 14 atop the US Billboard Hot 100.

Tate McRae described ‘Greedy’ as a “cool female empowerment song” which she loved, explaining that the song marks the first time people have seen a “feistier and more playful side” of her, being as “unexpected” as it is. First teased to her fans on TikTok on August 4, 2023, the track subsequently went viral on the platform with over 200,000 videos made across different accounts. Billboard writer, Kyle Denis, described the song as a “successful example of a concerted TikTok-focused promotional plan”, because its success was bolstered by snippets steadily teased by McRae over time, rather than having the single erupt as a random trend.

Enormously successful in its response from the public, the song peaked at number one in Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and the UAE. To boot, ‘Greedy’ entered the top ten in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Watch the music video for ‘Greedy‘ BELOW.

November 3, 2023 Versatile artist omyügen reveals an incredibly intimate single, ‘Dark Corner’

Versatile artist omyügen reveals an incredibly intimate single, ‘Dark Corner’

The innovative US-based singer-songwriter, producer and filmmaker omyügen (moniker of Michael X. Schallert) has unveiled a new single titled ‘Dark Corner’, released on November 3rd, 2023 via his label Omyügen Records. In 2016, omyügen began to produce under the alias Juse before rebranding to his current moniker, producing tracks that include his vocals, blending pop, electronic, and a multitude of other genres. Sponsored by the Wyoming Art Council, omyügen has worked as a producer for rap artist Gunnr and had his music featured on UKTalk Radio top 10 charts for Feb ‘22. ‘Dark Corner’ was mixed by Sean Dorrian, who worked on a number one billboard song with Breaking Benjamin, and mastered by Chris Athens, who has worked with the likes of Drake, Kodak Black, Hollywood Undead and Joji, to name a few. 

‘Dark Corner’ tells a story of the isolation and pain that a person struggling with anxiety is subjected to. It begins as a piano ballad, tender yet tense, and unexpectedly ignites with the introduction of a gritty trap beat & bass as omyügen’s glitchy, effects-soaked vocals float hazily over the fray. Omyügen’s voice is smoky and husky, suitably dark for the song’s melancholic lyrics and charged with deep emotion.

omyügen commented on the track: “My song, Dark Corner, is about the life of an introvert with anxiety, basically. I wrote the song when I was back home from college for the summer. It’s my first ever song to get professionally mixed and mastered, so that’s kinda cool.” 

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