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September 28, 2022 Producer sleepy Tom creates  disco fever with new single

Producer sleepy Tom creates disco fever with new single

Image credit: Brandon William Fletcher

Dynamic producer Sleepy Tom dropped an amazing title track, ‘This Thing Called Life’, under  MNRK Music Group from his upcoming EP This Thing Called Life. The producer has worked with great artists in the likes of  Grandtheft and Anna Lunoe to name a few. The Vancouver-based musician Cam Tatham alias Sleepy Tom is a force to be reckoned with. 

Stream / Download: ‘This Thing Called Life’ 

Speaking of forces, ‘This Thing Called Life’ takes a plunge powerfully into the arena of the disco sound. The plays and intermingling of the piano notes, the electric guitar and the breathy vocals take euphoric joys to the brink of faint-heartedness. The lyrics transport the listener to a bliss point where time stands still. ‘This Thing Called Life’ is reminiscent of the excellent sound of Purple Disco Machine.

Sleepy Tom tells us a bit about his intended ambition whilst making the single: “With ‘This Thing Called Life’, I wanted to make a collection of songs that were going to lift me out of my funk. I was looking for music that could satisfy my club cravings, while also leaving room for melody––disco!” 

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September 23, 2022 Russell Louder’s new song marches to greatness

Russell Louder’s new song marches to greatness

Image credit: Bobby Leóne

Multi-talented artist Russell Louder has shared their latest single ‘Come Around’ on the 16th of September under Lisbon Lux Records The Tiohtià:ke, Montreal, Canada-based, Russell Louder has many talents that include songwriting, producing, and performing. 

Stream / Download: ‘Come Around’

The latest single is breathtakingly beautiful and memorable. The vocals are determined, sharp and robust like an anthem of soldiers going to war. The synthesis of the piano, the guitar, the vocals and the beat with striking elements of electronic produces a sound that is wonderfully progressive. The lyrics are about audacious conversations about blurring lines of accountability that are slightly dark but at the same time incredibly humorous. The artist’s lyrical mental vantage point is outstanding. 

Russell Louder tells us eloquently the influences and paradigms surrounding the making of the single: “Come Around is a pop sharp-tongued symphonic play-by-play of a duplicitous figure in my life reeling me into their web of deceit. Instead of analyzing my experience, I used the writing of the song as a space for imagining what the other could have been thinking or strategizing”.

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March 1, 2022 Musician Holo delights electronica listeners with song ‘In Limbo’

Musician Holo delights electronica listeners with song ‘In Limbo’

 Image credit: Paul Chynoweth

Music producer Holo has delighted the avid electronica listener once again with his charismatic and laidback energy on his latest song offering ‘In Limbo’. A true connoisseur of electronics, the music producer crafts his sound around his feelings rather than feeling tied down to one key sound. To many people’s surprise, the producer has also admitted he is not strictly inspired by traditionally electronic musicians, citing names like alternative band Radiohead and The Beatles as some of his key inspirations. If you want to hear more from this fresh talent, stay tuned as he plans to release an EP also titled In Limbo next month via Houseum.

Stream / Download: ‘In Limbo’ single

In an interview with Chill Music, the producer shared: “I think the common thread within my music is an emphasis on texture, melody, and harmony primarily. I really care about which sounds I pick, as I want to create a distinct atmosphere for the track to live in… almost like decorating a room. Other signatures I think of are simple drum parts, live guitar, bass playing, the use of unusual samples, and lots of reverb.”

Certainly a quirky and imaginative fellow as his response above suggests, Holo continues to impress us with every single release he shares with us. ‘In Limbo’ shares the producer’s versatility with panache and an “effortlessly” spaced out sound that blurs genre expectations and is an overall wholesomely mellow track for the stressed or elated to enjoy simultaneously. 

‘In Limbo’ features on the Spotify playlist

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December 9, 2021 Chill electronic musician DJ Chillz shares laidback song ‘Keep Me Safe’

Chill electronic musician DJ Chillz shares laidback song ‘Keep Me Safe’

Image credit: @viviwillshootyou

London-based producer and selector, DJ Chillz returns with ‘Keep Me Safe’, the second single to be released from her expertly crafted, ‘Adebowale EP’.

Leaning into a more Afro Electronic Chilled sound, ‘Keep Me Safe’ showcases Chillz’ more mellow side; drawing influences from her distinctly unique blend of house, RnB and Afrobeat; as well as her Nigerian heritage. Minimal yet addictive, ‘Keep Me Safe’ fuses sharp percussive beats and simple guitar chords with distorted vocal chops in her native tongue of Yoruba; a track to smoothly ease us into the winter months.

“I produced and wrote this track after a Kemetic Yoga session, almost as a form of self therapy. It brought me closer to my Nigerian heritage with the use of my mother tongue of Yoruba in the lyrics.” – DJ Chillz

The founder of Riddim Nights, Zanku Vibes London and the syndicated Eclectic Sounds Radio Show, DJ Chillz has been a force within the music industry for a while now. Known for her skills behind the decks, eclectic live sets and her effortless ability to combine the rhythm of Afrobeats with RnB and House, Chillz has stepped into the spotlight as a talented producer – her sounds regularly appearing across the airwaves of BBC 1Xtra, Capital Xtra and Reprezent to name a few.

After support from BBC 1Xtra’s Rampage Show, Ellie Prohan (KISS Fresh) and Bukky On The Radio (The Beat London), Chillz second single off her Adebowale EP, ‘Keep Me Safe’ marks an exciting new chapter as she steadily climbs up the ranks of rising female talent making their mark on the industry.

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