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November 4, 2022 HAELIUM and Kasztan’s collaboration leads label launch

Image credit: SERGINSKI

Producers HAELIUM and Kasztan have teamed up to create a new single ‘DOR’. The collaboration has been released under Stemina Recordings, a brand-new record label that Kasztan is spearheading, and sees the two artists pour their creativity into an emotive record that progresses from a bare-boned, percussive beginning to a fleshed-out, multi-layered climax, undergoing a lifetime of growth in just under 4 minutes.

Stream / Download: HAELIUM x Kasztan – ‘DOR’

An award-winning musician, Kasztan is a French Electronic producer who has toured with the French music group M83. More than a stage moniker, he has composed music for the screen, scoring The Illusionists documentary among other televised projects. 

HAELIUM, also of French origin, is both a producer and classically trained pianist. It is unsurprising that he names composer and fellow friend of the keys Jon Hopkins as a wellspring from which he draws inspiration. 

Kasztan tells us about the debut of the label and more, saying, “My manager and I decided to launch this new label Stemina Recordings. I’m super happy that the first release is a collaborative work with Gabriel/Haelium. I love his work”.

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