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November 18, 2022 Producer WMD amazes with new song ‘Nowhere’

Producer WMD amazes with new song ‘Nowhere’

Image credit: Michael Erickson

Electronic musician WMD released his latest track  ‘Nowhere’ via Natural Blonde.  Michael Erickson, moniker  WMD has found a niche in producing music that speaks to and addresses melancholia and the negative emotions in relationships. Michael hails from Cashmere, Washington and is currently based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Stream / Download: WMD – ‘Nowhere’

The melody in ‘Nowhere’ is supported by gentle guitar strings from the beginning of the song to the end. The guitar strings reverberations cascade slowly, giving the impression that they are not going anywhere, and its leisured echos invite listeners on a journey to a destination solely determined by the listeners themselves. The use of acoustic guitars and electric guitars in this track has produced a sound that is engaging. The track evokes peace, relaxation, and the need to just exist without the pressures to constantly remain busy or to attain recognition in the world.     

WND tell us how he began making ‘Nowhere’: “This song was one of the few on this record written during a two-week stay in northern Montana last winter. I had a cabin on a little private lake, which I set up a small studio in. I remember starting the song on acoustic guitar one evening while watching the sun set over the mountains”.

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November 14, 2022 Indie folk musician Land Of Trees debuts new video ‘See The Fire Dancing’

Indie folk musician Land Of Trees debuts new video ‘See The Fire Dancing’

Image credit: Marie Wahlström

Nature explorer and musician Land Of Trees unveils the video for See The Fire Dancing’ via Land Of Trees Music. The zestful musician first used poetry to express his love for nature, afterwards this love was put into his music.  

Stream / Download: Land Of Trees – ‘See The Fire Dancing’

The video begins with a shot of the scattered lighting of the Varberg Theater, which twinkles like fireflies and stars in a cloudless night sky. The dimed back area of the theatre, together with the lighted stage, give the video a futuristic quality that is akin to a spaceship that can only be found billions of years into the future. The thought that comes to mind is how connected and similar the future is to the present and also how the past is connected to the future because fire and light shine bright in all civilisations and will most likely shine in the same manner for future generations.

Land Of Trees discusses the chosen venue for the video: “For most of the band it was the first time seeing Varberg Theater in all of its glory. It’s a well-preserved old theatre with a lot of soul. After setting everything up with lights, cameras and microphones, it was just a matter of actually recording the live session”.

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October 21, 2022 Land Of Trees offers single ‘See The Fire Dancing’

Land Of Trees offers single ‘See The Fire Dancing’

Image credit: Marie Wahlström

Authentic Indie-Folk singer-songwriter Land Of Trees released his brand new singleSee The Fire Dancing’ via Land Of Trees Music on the 21st of October. The eclectic musician’s love of nature is one of the principal catalysts for his musical creativity, resulting in music that is permeated with anecdotes of life outdoors and a curious hommage to the environment. 

Stream / Download: Land Of Trees – ‘See The Fire Dancing’

The lyricism in the single is a gentle consolation that speaks directly to the often hidden places in our hearts, promoting freedom and self-acceptance. Words in the song such as the following: “finding comfort in your smile” and “thankful for these days” are those that every human being needs to hear every day because they remind us that we are not alone in the world and that there is goodness in the world, one has just to be awake to and aware of the small good times. 

Land Of Trees relays the moment ‘See The Fire Dancing’ was composed: “I wrote it on my banjo, which was peculiar enough to begin with, but when I played it to the band they were all mesmerised in their own way. It was an easy choice as our first single release for the upcoming album and I’ve never seen the band more intrigued to record a song”.

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June 7, 2022 Folk guitarist Cujo Moon shares cathartic EP

Folk guitarist Cujo Moon shares cathartic EP

                                                                                  Image credit: Rachel Deeb

Graceful folk and indie musician Cujo Moon has shared his latest EP Horizons. Featured song ‘Moonlight’ starts off this four-track EP offering via Tone Tree Music / Cujo Moon , and will touch your heart with its wholesome mood. Along with the official EP release, Cujo Moon has also shared another blast from the past lyric video, this time for the featured song ‘Moonlight’.

Stream/ download: Horizons EP

Although dwelling on the past and some pain that goes along with the process, Cujo Moon still maintains a light production that is easy to absorb nonetheless. Not afraid to speak his mind on each single, the songwriter unpacks all that weighs his mind down in the hopes to relate to his listeners and providing a cathartic exchange for both parties in one EP.

Previously featured on RCRD LBL with the song ‘Watch You Shine’, we mentioned: “Talking about matters surrounding mental health, singer-songwriter Cujo Moon’s music highlights these issues in a somber and atmospheric embrace” Our thoughts about his enigmatic production remain the same and our love for his lyrics just grows stronger with each release.

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