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April 28, 2023 Jackson Homer and Cap1talA team up for ‘In My Head (LaLaLa)’

Jackson Homer and Cap1talA team up for ‘In My Head (LaLaLa)’

Image via publicist

Britain’s own Jackson Homer has exploded onto the scene these past 12 months with no intention of turning back. Brimming with laid-back yet funky energy and saucy vibes, his first EP release in 2022 has already amassed over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, gained support from NMF UK, Fresh Finds UK, Fresh Finds, Internet People and Gaming Lounge, had his track written up as one of the Songs of the Summer by The Guardian and sold out his first headline show for his EP release, sponsored by none other than Redbull. 

Stream / Download: Jackson Homer and Cap1talA – ‘In My Head (LaLaLa)’

For Jackson Homer’s next release ‘In My Head (LaLaLa)’, he brings in the brilliant rapper, Cap1talA. An inspiring individual, equally making waves in the industry, with upcoming shows alongside Feux and Ashbeck, editorial playlist adds on Fresh Finds Indie, Free Form, and the night bus edit, as well as articles on CULTED, GRM Daily & more.

Jackson Homer is a British producer and DJ based just outside of Birmingham, whose timeless sound invokes names such as Disclosure, Daft Punk and Kaytranada. 

Through his father being a DJ, Jackson was always surrounded by music whilst growing up. Around the age of just 7, Jackson Homer conveyed a curiosity for DJing and began learning the fundamentals. It was not long before Jackson became intrigued by the process of music production and developed a passion for it. 

Jackson Homer’s debut album (‘99) undoubtedly exhibits his talent for music production. Each track differs from the last, yet ties together in a thoughtful composition. Jackson has now over 1.5 million streams on Spotify since his first release in March 2022.

Jackson’s previous achievements include 5 different Spotify editoral playlists (including, NMF UK, Fresh finds UK, Fresh finds, Internet People and Gaming Lounge), as well as playlist adds from the Ministry of Sound and Adidas. Jackson was chosen for one of the songs of the summer by The Guardian as well as selling out his first headline show supported by Red Bull UK.

Cap1talA is a 21-year-old rapper from Kent currently based in West London. In his own words “My music shows my journey within the growth and emotional experiences over the years I’ve had as a Black man in the UK. I’ve seen that my music has connected with people and has touched them so that’s why I always try to keep a positive message – that’s why my motto is ‘keep on livin’”.

Cap1talA’s music and influences combine the gritty 90s Hip hop and soul sound with a modern day input on Trap and alternative beats. He doesn’t stick to any particular sound and isn’t boxed into a particular scene. Some of his biggest influences include Tyler the Creator, Mac Miller and Childish Gambino.

He focuses on introspective lyricism often about relationships, mental health and previous life experiences he’s had to endure; it is both encouraging yet reflective at the same time.

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March 30, 2023 Creative musician mïus unveils soulful Electronica song

Creative musician mïus unveils soulful Electronica song

Image credit: Bence Szemerey

The time has come for us to introduce a new artist. Today’s pick is mïus, a Budapest-based audio and visual artist–his show naked waves will be exhibited on his 2023 tour–a signee of the record label Théque Records, a genre-defying producer, an architect by day, and a well-supported musician who has been featured on tastemaker publications like Mixmag UK and CLASH Magazine, where the latter called his multi-disciplinary nature “an interesting dichotomy – matching electronic innovation against a job [architecture] that is both very demanding, and very prosaic.” 

A woody blend of block hits and disjointed percussive elements, mïus latest release, ‘Slow Burn’ ft. HALOSARA, accretes sonic strata like layers of acrylic on a canvas of soulful vocals and gentle, barely-perceptible pads. Using space with tact, the single occurs in pockets of silent moments, drawing listeners in to share its secrets with them.

The musician breaks down the inner workings of his latest release, saying, “As the title illustrates, it has a slowly building musical structure and also refers to the lyrics written by singer Sara Halo–HALOSARA is a newcomer singer-songwriter from Budapest’s music scene. The track is six broody minutes of analogue Electronica, where the main concept was to hang the heavenly blues-influenced vocal over the gentle, organic bass.”

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March 24, 2023 munro releases double single with Quality Goods Records

munro releases double single with Quality Goods Records

munro shows two sides in his new double single ‘Butterflies / Pineal’, out on Quality Goods Records. The track was supported by tastemaker webzine NOTION Magazine, adding to his growing list, which includes CLASH Magazine, ABC triple j unearthed radio show.

Stream / Download: munro – ‘Butterflies / Pineal’

‘Butterflies’ has a destructive feel, meaning the record has been carefully decayed. Auckland-based producer munro cut out frequencies and distorted others to blend them into a contrasting mix. This remains true for the duration of the track, where glitched noise effect ‘bursts’ splatter its edges and a heavily-saturated sub-bass takes over from a hot kick drum, layering on top of the already-crunchy arrangement.

On the other side, ‘Pineal’ is more introverted. That is, it is softer and takes a while longer to break out of its shell, but once it does, oh boy. The record surprises us all with its stuttering sample breaks and unstoppable beat.

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March 3, 2023 Florian Picasso’s new song ‘What’s The Next Move’ is mischievous

Florian Picasso’s new song ‘What’s The Next Move’ is mischievous

Image credit: Loic Schütz (ClubbingVision)

House producer Florian Picasso has plotted to release a new single and delivered on his promise with his latest record ‘What’s The Next Move’, which has been signed with the new label imprint La Californie Musique, presumably named after the late Pablo Picasso’s home in France, a residence by the name of Villa La Californie. But how does this relate to Florian, you might ask? Well, as his surname suggests, he is the artist’s great-grandson, so it is only fitting that he continues the legacy of the Picasso name.

Stream / Download: Florian Picasso – ‘What’s The Next Move’

His new record misbehaves. A disembodied voice urges us not ‘get caught’. Like a conversation between two troublemakers, the vocals call to a well-meaning but rule-breaking part that exists in all of us. And to bolster this naughty quality, the producer draws out tense builds with alarming energy before dive-bombing into a pool of crisp hats that float on a shimmering surface of the higher frequency ranges.

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