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September 23, 2022 Russell Louder’s new song marches to greatness

Russell Louder’s new song marches to greatness

Image credit: Bobby Leóne

Multi-talented artist Russell Louder has shared their latest single ‘Come Around’ on the 16th of September under Lisbon Lux Records The Tiohtià:ke, Montreal, Canada-based, Russell Louder has many talents that include songwriting, producing, and performing. 

Stream / Download: ‘Come Around’

The latest single is breathtakingly beautiful and memorable. The vocals are determined, sharp and robust like an anthem of soldiers going to war. The synthesis of the piano, the guitar, the vocals and the beat with striking elements of electronic produces a sound that is wonderfully progressive. The lyrics are about audacious conversations about blurring lines of accountability that are slightly dark but at the same time incredibly humorous. The artist’s lyrical mental vantage point is outstanding. 

Russell Louder tells us eloquently the influences and paradigms surrounding the making of the single: “Come Around is a pop sharp-tongued symphonic play-by-play of a duplicitous figure in my life reeling me into their web of deceit. Instead of analyzing my experience, I used the writing of the song as a space for imagining what the other could have been thinking or strategizing”.

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August 22, 2022 eevee and sweeep excite with the new song ‘the one’

eevee and sweeep excite with the new song ‘the one’

Image Credit: Secret Souls

Forward-thinking producers eevee and sweeep have returned to the studio to produce a pleasantly haunting record called ‘the one’.  The single is a sneak preview of their forthcoming collaborative album vandalism and selfcare, scheduled for release under eevee’s Secret Souls label.

Stream / Download ‘the one’

The single feels as if it represents a forgotten place, once loved but now lost, eroded by the sands of time. Like a flame in the wind, noises flicker, casting long shadows on the walls. Crickets chirp in the corners while spinning vinyl crackle calls to us, inviting us to explore the abandoned ruins of memory and melody. 

The single is as much of a deconstruction as it is a production. Bits and pieces fall away, collapsing beneath our feet so that we plummet into a torrent of emotion that the two creators have unleashed.  But we swim through, arriving safely on sturdy shores where eevee and sweeep wait to warm us.

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August 2, 2022 Musician CONFLUENCE shares ‘My Everything’

Musician CONFLUENCE shares ‘My Everything’

Image credit: Morax Photography

CNFLNC producer CONFLUENCE has shared his new single, ‘My Everything’, a song that displays his talents and technique. A musician who knows how to work with vocals, CONFLUENCE gives them their own space in the mix. The vocal line takes center stage, holding the song together as synths dance around it. Full of interesting textures, the song overflows with warmth and volume. 

Steam / Download: Confluence – ‘My Everything’

Spilling over, the song is a melting pot of ideas that culminates in a climax that rushes headlong toward oblivion. The pace picks up and carries listeners across a landscape of ecstasy, where we are all too happy to lose ourselves. Finding our way back once more, we follow behind CONFLUENCE as he leads us through his exotic exhibition of auditory nuance.

The artist tells us how his song came about saying, “My Everything is a Progressive House and Melodic Techno track and a vibrant, positive and energetic track and I would describe it as my Summer Hit. I remember opening a random project that I started 2 years ago and decided to develop the idea and one week later, the track was completed. What inspired me when making My Everything is the vocal. At the beginning I wanted to use a vocal sample just to hear how it would sound if I was to work with a singer/songwriter and after finding the vocal line, I thought that this was actually perfect and from there I kept it and it became the official vocal of the track.”



May 22, 2022 House musician STIKMATIK blended vocal song

House musician STIKMATIK blended vocal song

Image credit: @bymabbas

London-based producer STIKMATIK offers up a forward-thinking blend of R&B vocal samples and futuristic house flair on “Reasons,” a scorching new single. Blending an impassioned topline with propulsive bass tailor-made for the dancefloor, it finds STIKMATIK bridging music’s past and present with irresistible results as he continues to establish a signature sound.

STIKMATIK explains, “The song was one of my favorites from the 2000s, when I popped the hook over that hypnotic bass melody I knew it was a winning feeling. R&B and dance play a massive part in my world because they encourage great energy, only right I bring it to the people 🙂” 

Growing up in North London in the ‘90s as the youngest child of a Mauritian and Indian immigrant family, STIKMATIK was positioned within a rich melting pot of cultures that naturally led to a dynamic mix of musical influences, from garage to hip-hop and jungle. He would eventually enter the grime scene as the music phenomenon took over his neighborhood, learning to make beats and MC which informed his musical palate moving forward. 

In subsequent years, STIKMATIK would sign to RCA/Sony Music in 2018 as part of the electronic trio Mad Teeth and perform at the legendary festival Tomorrowland. Once 2020 arrived, he decided to step out solo and stretch his sound across the electronic spectrum with a passion for all corners of dance music. Since going solo, STIKMATIK has been on a prolific run that’s included multiple EPs, a slew of singles and remixes, and a singular creative vision that’s included launching his independent label, SAME PEOPLES. The behind-the-scenes collaborations haven’t stopped for STIKMATIK, though, as he’s selectively written and produced for essential artists like BANKS, Wauve, Rocky NTI, DJ Tiesto, BMW KENNY, and Lucky Rose. Wherever STIKMATIK sets his sights, deeply compelling music is soon to follow. 


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