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April 21, 2023 The Beautiful Blū take a stand in new song ‘One Final Day’

With a message in mind, The Beautiful Blū have released a pop-rock single titled ‘One Final Day’, taken from the forthcoming album iGenocide. The single and project alike see them addressing socio-political issues ranging from genocide to political marketing and ideological themes of Nationalism.

Less about surface and more about depth, the song is a revolt against the political agenda that tries to convincing the youth to estrange themselves from people of other nationalities, set over a heart-beating piano instrumentation. In an anthemic protest, British vocalist Bill Ryder-Jones takes the position of a propagandist selling glory at the cost of living. It’s a strong cause and an equally strong record.

 The Beautiful Blū shares: “Our upcoming album “iGenocide” reflects the experience of interacting with survivors of such atrocities. Not everyone came into the studio with the same exposure to the people who suffered through these events. Yet, we were able to bond as musicians around the music. In doing so, it served as a beautiful reminder that music emphasizes the qualities that bring people together, as opposed to pushing them apart.”

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