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March 23, 2023 Bulgarian songstress Y A N A teams up with producer Gena for ‘Fast Lane’

Bulgarian songstress Y A N A teams up with producer Gena for ‘Fast Lane’

Image via publicist

Noir-esque songstress Y A N A croons, seducing listeners in black and white, her sultry voice a soft, yet confident palette of attitude and breathiness. Having teamed up with Gena, a recognised producer in Blugaria’s music scene and a member of the Hip Hop group So Called Crew, not to mention a featured artist on Stereofox’s Bulgarian Beat Wave, vol. 1 compilation, the songstress has released her latest offering. ‘Fast Lane’ is the first single from her forthcoming 9-track album titled Under My Skin, which will land in stores on the 25th of May via Stereofox

Stream/Download: Y A N A / Gena – ‘Fast Lane’

“Under My Skin is a journal,” she says, opening up to listeners and readers alike. “Very intimate, real, vulnerable. It takes you through my fears, desires, parts of myself I’ve never been honest or brave enough to share.” Her latest single is her first diary entry, so to speak. In it, she writes about love and euphoria in swirling curls, inscribing the bliss of the honeymoon phase in an open book of her binding.

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November 17, 2022 Skilled musician Cimo Fränkel offers new single ‘Closed The Door’

Skilled musician Cimo Fränkel offers new single ‘Closed The Door’

Image credit: Lee Alexander

Under Cimo Fränkel / AWAL, talented musician Cimo Fränkel released his latest single Closed The Door’. Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, the LA-based singer-songwriter recognises the work of Huey Lewis and Michael Jackson as the inspiration for his music. At the age of fifteen Cimo started out collaborating with other young Dutch musicians as well as delving into music production.

Stream / Download: Cimo Fränkel – ‘Closed The Door’

The vocals in Closed The Door’ are awe-inspiring,  boast a celestial quality and display the potency of Cimo’s vocal abilities through its euphoric high notes. Listening to this single is like listening to an angel singing because the control of the vocal cords is soul-stirring and speaks to a deep place in listeners’ hearts. The harmonisation in the song reaches an ecstasy with its effervescent high notes as it matches the exigence and vibration of the electric guitar that dominates the track towards the end. 

Cimo Fränkel elaborates on the subject matter of the single: “Closed The Door’ is about a relationship coming to an end. It’s about being courageous enough to speak up and accepting the consequences of making the decision that it’s over”.

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February 3, 2021 Singer Lu Wright shares irresistible summer R&B song, ‘British Daisy’

Singer Lu Wright shares irresistible summer R&B song, ‘British Daisy’

Image credit: Elsie Matilda

Lu’s irresistibly warm timbre sits alongside luscious electronic R&B infused instrumentals, delivering a rich tapestry of sound that ebbs and flows through an introspective journey of pain, self-discovery and empowerment. 

The track opens with vocals twisting in and out of some delightfully distorted synth chords, before hitting a poignant catchy chorus, where a lucid, spacey bass line joins the dots between the song’s jazzy hip-hop beats and Lu’s rich, alluring voice.

Lu said about the single “The title British Daisy stems from the typically British trait of putting on a brave face, instead of saying what we mean and acknowledging the fact that we are all fragile. After being in an unhealthy relationship in which my self-worth was slowly eroding, this song talks through the fight to break out of a bad relationship and the bad habits they leave us with.  ‘British Daisy’ speaks of a time where I found myself daydreaming of a life where I was happier, but didn’t have the strength to make it happen.”

Lu’s breathy, jazzy tones rest beautifully between soul and R&B. The artist grew-up in a home filled with music, listening to everything from the classic soul/jazz maestros of the 50’s and 60’s, like Nina Simone and Sam Cooke, to noughties RnB and Hip Hop outfits such as Outkast, Eminem, Rihanna and Amy Winehouse, this is where her love for songwriting and melody truly began. Since then, her contemporary influences have aligned with the times, citing Little Simz, Anderson Paak, Maverick Sabre and the Blue Note Re: imagined album as huge sources of inspiration.

Lu began writing her own songs at the age of 11, having joined the school choir and taken up singing lessons she quickly progressed into musical theatre, but at 19 realised that it wasn’t quite the right fit and subsequently, made the switch to creating and performing contemporary music. 

The young artist recently graduated from the London branch of the BIMM Institute (British and Irish Modern Music Institute) and set to work on her debut EP ‘Notes to self’. It is a body of work that radiates warmth and a magnetic energy, woven together in a narrative that tells of the vulnerability and the solitary venture of self-discovery as a young woman. The 2020 pandemic hit just before the EP was completed and live dates were cancelled, but Lu used that time productively to complete the finishing touches remotely and concentrate on her songwriting. The result is a collection of musically detailed, immaculately produced treats.  

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November 12, 2020 Snowk explore pop laden RnB with ‘Under The Moon ft. J.Lamotta Suzume’

Snowk explore pop laden RnB with ‘Under The Moon ft. J.Lamotta Suzume’

          Image Credit: Gabriella Achadinha

Snowk’s ‘Under The Moon ft. J.Lamotta Suzume’ has just been released via Namy& Records and Warner Japan. The single will dance its way into your heart with Tel Aviv-born, Berlin-based singer J.Lamotta Suzume‘s powerful vocals standing out.

Stream / Download ‘Under The Moon ft. J.Lamotta Suzume’

Speaking of the single, J.Lamotta Suzume tells us, “Last summer, I found myself working mainly on projects with people from Japan, and the collaboration with Snowk was one of them. When I first heard his beat, my feet started tapping on the floor. I started singing some ideas over it, and everything came together. The lyrics came relatively quickly, the melodies were flowing out, and I was dancing. It’s easy to collaborate with such freedom. Snowk and I never met in person, but we managed to get things done from far away and with mutual trust.” 

The duo could be considered “Kitsuné protégé” as they have had several releases with the label, contributing to their tidy count of over 2 million plays across streaming platforms.

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By Sarah Britton