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March 3, 2023 Florian Picasso’s new song ‘What’s The Next Move’ is mischievous

Florian Picasso’s new song ‘What’s The Next Move’ is mischievous

Image credit: Loic Schütz (ClubbingVision)

House producer Florian Picasso has plotted to release a new single and delivered on his promise with his latest record ‘What’s The Next Move’, which has been signed with the new label imprint La Californie Musique, presumably named after the late Pablo Picasso’s home in France, a residence by the name of Villa La Californie. But how does this relate to Florian, you might ask? Well, as his surname suggests, he is the artist’s great-grandson, so it is only fitting that he continues the legacy of the Picasso name.

Stream / Download: Florian Picasso – ‘What’s The Next Move’

His new record misbehaves. A disembodied voice urges us not ‘get caught’. Like a conversation between two troublemakers, the vocals call to a well-meaning but rule-breaking part that exists in all of us. And to bolster this naughty quality, the producer draws out tense builds with alarming energy before dive-bombing into a pool of crisp hats that float on a shimmering surface of the higher frequency ranges.

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May 22, 2022 House musician STIKMATIK blended vocal song

House musician STIKMATIK blended vocal song

Image credit: @bymabbas

London-based producer STIKMATIK offers up a forward-thinking blend of R&B vocal samples and futuristic house flair on “Reasons,” a scorching new single. Blending an impassioned topline with propulsive bass tailor-made for the dancefloor, it finds STIKMATIK bridging music’s past and present with irresistible results as he continues to establish a signature sound.

STIKMATIK explains, “The song was one of my favorites from the 2000s, when I popped the hook over that hypnotic bass melody I knew it was a winning feeling. R&B and dance play a massive part in my world because they encourage great energy, only right I bring it to the people 🙂” 

Growing up in North London in the ‘90s as the youngest child of a Mauritian and Indian immigrant family, STIKMATIK was positioned within a rich melting pot of cultures that naturally led to a dynamic mix of musical influences, from garage to hip-hop and jungle. He would eventually enter the grime scene as the music phenomenon took over his neighborhood, learning to make beats and MC which informed his musical palate moving forward. 

In subsequent years, STIKMATIK would sign to RCA/Sony Music in 2018 as part of the electronic trio Mad Teeth and perform at the legendary festival Tomorrowland. Once 2020 arrived, he decided to step out solo and stretch his sound across the electronic spectrum with a passion for all corners of dance music. Since going solo, STIKMATIK has been on a prolific run that’s included multiple EPs, a slew of singles and remixes, and a singular creative vision that’s included launching his independent label, SAME PEOPLES. The behind-the-scenes collaborations haven’t stopped for STIKMATIK, though, as he’s selectively written and produced for essential artists like BANKS, Wauve, Rocky NTI, DJ Tiesto, BMW KENNY, and Lucky Rose. Wherever STIKMATIK sets his sights, deeply compelling music is soon to follow. 


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May 6, 2022 Music producer JONDOE shares nostalgic house song ‘Lost Your Mind’

Music producer JONDOE shares nostalgic house song ‘Lost Your Mind’

    Image credit: Samy Jourdan

A blast from the past, JONDOE’s latest single ‘Lost Your Mind’ will have all former ‘90s youth and  Gen z’s tapping their feet along with its undeniably engrossing beat and rhythm. Released via Aaki Records today, this single is a classic hit in our books. Incorporating the magical funk appeal and production elements of Detroit and Chicago house into this vibrant track, one can easily confuse this track with a party favourite from yesteryear.

Stream / Download: ‘Lost Your Mind’

The producer elaborates on his love for house music and its stylistic origins: My latest single is inspired by the House of Detroit and Chicago for the energy it conveys, but also by the UK scene for the rhythms and the mix of genres it allows. I wanted to infuse this spirit into the single and give a bit of “Club / House 90” colour as well as current styles with “sub” basses or other elements such as “congas”. The choice of the title “Lost Your Mind” was to translate this feeling 

that electronic music gives us of “letting go” by letting your mind get lost in the rhythm of the sound. A “common and unifying” feeling between the DJ and the Dancefloor in my opinion…”

‘Lost Your Mind’ features on

Definitely a fitting homage to this iconic time in electronic music history, JONDOE unveils a track that honours the laidback and feel-good mood of this era. Whether you were club-hopping or wearing diapers around the ‘90s, one can appreciate the nostalgic groove this track embodies.

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April 1, 2022 Producer jackLNDN shares ‘Perfect’ progressive house single

Producer jackLNDN shares ‘Perfect’ progressive house single

jackLNDN launches us into the weekend with rhythmic rolling beats and smooth lyrics. The producer is working his way into the more bluesy side of things with his latest release as he laments unrequited love and the bittersweet tones that encompass it. The single, released today via Jack’s House, is the artist’s second release for the year as the aptly named Return caught listener’s attention just last month.

‘Perfect’ on Spotify iTunes

The artist tells us about the inspiration behind his latest song: “This song is about dating the perfect woman only for her to end up choosing someone else. The emotions that come from rejection and the helplessness of realizing that there’s nothing you can do. I tried to make the song musically & harmonically as beautiful as the person that inspired it. There’s a touch of melancholic self-pity in this record, but an underlying feeling of hope as even in rejection, the reminder that there are people out there for you can still be comforting.”

The producer has recently announced that he will be appearing at the Dreamscape festival which is expected to take place at the end of May, just in time for the spring to properly set in and start turning towards summer. Other artists appearing at the festival include Rusko and Megan Hamilton while the second main act remains to be announced. 

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  Image credit: Jane Greer