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May 6, 2022 Music producer JONDOE shares nostalgic house song ‘Lost Your Mind’

    Image credit: Samy Jourdan

A blast from the past, JONDOE’s latest single ‘Lost Your Mind’ will have all former ‘90s youth and  Gen z’s tapping their feet along with its undeniably engrossing beat and rhythm. Released via Aaki Records today, this single is a classic hit in our books. Incorporating the magical funk appeal and production elements of Detroit and Chicago house into this vibrant track, one can easily confuse this track with a party favourite from yesteryear.

Stream / Download: ‘Lost Your Mind’

The producer elaborates on his love for house music and its stylistic origins: My latest single is inspired by the House of Detroit and Chicago for the energy it conveys, but also by the UK scene for the rhythms and the mix of genres it allows. I wanted to infuse this spirit into the single and give a bit of “Club / House 90” colour as well as current styles with “sub” basses or other elements such as “congas”. The choice of the title “Lost Your Mind” was to translate this feeling 

that electronic music gives us of “letting go” by letting your mind get lost in the rhythm of the sound. A “common and unifying” feeling between the DJ and the Dancefloor in my opinion…”

‘Lost Your Mind’ features on

Definitely a fitting homage to this iconic time in electronic music history, JONDOE unveils a track that honours the laidback and feel-good mood of this era. Whether you were club-hopping or wearing diapers around the ‘90s, one can appreciate the nostalgic groove this track embodies.

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