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Donovan Keith, the dynamic singer-songwriter known for his classic soul vocals and electrifying stage presence, dropped his latest single ‘Heartbreak Soliloquy’ on April 27th. This emotionally-charged track, written entirely without music accompaniment, showcases Donovan’s unparalleled talent for blending pop/folk and americana into a unique, vintage style that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

Originally hailing from the Midwest and now calling Austin, TX home, Donovan has been a prominent figure in the music scene for over a decade. As the frontman of his first project, Soul Track Mind, Donovan’s showmanship and impressive voice won him acclaim from reviewers across the country. Donovan has shared stages with renowned acts such as Enrique Iglesias, Tower Of Power, Charles Bradley, and Erykah Badu, and has been featured in prestigious music festivals including SXSW, Wakarusa Music Festival, and Utopia Festival.

“Heartbreak Soliloquy” is a chill, relaxed, and heartfelt track that delves into the emotional landscape of a breakup, reflecting Donovan’s deep understanding of human connection and disconnection in modern society. The song’s lyrics and melody were written entirely by Donovan, and the instruments were recorded in Madrid, Spain with exceptional Spanish musicians before being completed in Austin with vocals, mixing, and mastering.

Donovan Keith’s latest single “Heartbreak Soliloquy” is a soul-stirring masterpiece that captures the raw emotions of heartbreak with a compelling blend of Americana, pop, and folk. With his unique style and powerful vocals, Donovan continues to captivate audiences and solidify his reputation as a rising star in the music industry.

“Heartbreak Soliloquy” is now available on all major streaming platforms. For more information, visit Donovan Keith’s website at

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April 21, 2023 The Burma puts on a show in ‘Live in Lisdoonvarna’ video

The Burma puts on a show in ‘Live in Lisdoonvarna’ video

Image credit: Ciara O’Toole

The last time we heard about The Burma was when they released their debut album Sucker For Stars (find the article here). Now, the band has switched gears and are preparing to release singles from their forthcoming sophomore LP, the name of which is yet to be revealed. While we wait, however, we can sit back, kick our feet up, and watch their new video, a live performance of 4 tracks from their first project.

Watching the video, you will be led through a set containing four tracks from their debut album: ‘Hard To Say’, which opens the show with high energy. Then, the band give us their rendition ‘Blinded by the Lights’ by British band The Streets, which they mixed with their own song ‘Mike and Simone’.  The second half of the performance showcases ‘Don’t Believe Your Dreams’ and finally ‘Sleepers’, putting their debut project to rest, so to speak. Watch it here:

‘Live in Lisdoonvarna’ Video Set List:

1. Hard To Say

2. Mike and Simone + Blinded By The Lights by The Streets

3. Don’t Believe Your Dreams

4. Sleepers

The Burma Tour Dates:

19 Aug – Canal Bar @ Dingwalls, Camden, London

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April 5, 2023 Singer-songwriter Georgia unveils ‘It’s Euphoric’

Singer-songwriter Georgia unveils ‘It’s Euphoric’

Image credit: Will Spooner

Today, Georgia announces her return with her incredible new album Euphoric; co-produced by Rostam (Haim, Carly Rae Jepsen, Clairo), it marks the first time that Georgia has worked with another producer on her own material. The result is her dynamite third studio LP, featuring ten songs that vibrate with energy and is set for release on 28th July.

Euphoric follows Georgia’s club-coercing last record, the universally adored and critically acclaimed Seeking Thrills which well and truly cemented her as one of the UK’s premier producers and songwriters. Since then, Georgia has collaborated with the likes of Mura Masa, Gorillaz, Shygirl, Baby Tate, Dan Carey and David Jackson, most recently writing with Years and Years’ Olly Alexander and on Shania Twain’s #1 album Queen Of Me. All of this experience has been poured into her forthcoming album.

Georgia has also shared the first single from the record, “It’s Euphoric”, complete with a vibrant and compelling video directed by Fa & Fon. Powered by a gentle ecstasy, the song opens with a grounding bassline which Georgia toys with through her playful vocal rhythms (“I wasn’t saying much/ It was on the tip of my tongue”). “It’s Euphoric” was the first track that Rostam and Georgia wrote together and it went on to dictate the entirety of the album’s colourful soundscape.

Having written her last two albums within a three-metre radius of her bedroom, it was important for Georgia to find a new physical and emotional space in which to write: “I wanted an adventure! Being a self-produced musician, it’s easy to get stuck on one thing or in one place.” As fate would have it, esteemed producer Rostam DM’d Georgia after hearing her on the Mura Masa track “Live Like We’re Dancing”, and she swiftly was on a flight out to LA.

After 10 years of being her own main collaborator, a crucial part of the writing process was learning to relinquish control. And for Georgia, this record is a surrender, “To my issues, to my past, to my flaws and to the healing process” and through it she was able to guide herself to a new healthy form of unconstrained liberation. Euphoric see Georgia stepping out from behind the recording desk and establishing herself as a unique left-field pop artist. It’s the sound of life and of living in the now rather than escaping it.

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March 30, 2023 Creative musician mïus unveils soulful Electronica song

Creative musician mïus unveils soulful Electronica song

Image credit: Bence Szemerey

The time has come for us to introduce a new artist. Today’s pick is mïus, a Budapest-based audio and visual artist–his show naked waves will be exhibited on his 2023 tour–a signee of the record label Théque Records, a genre-defying producer, an architect by day, and a well-supported musician who has been featured on tastemaker publications like Mixmag UK and CLASH Magazine, where the latter called his multi-disciplinary nature “an interesting dichotomy – matching electronic innovation against a job [architecture] that is both very demanding, and very prosaic.” 

A woody blend of block hits and disjointed percussive elements, mïus latest release, ‘Slow Burn’ ft. HALOSARA, accretes sonic strata like layers of acrylic on a canvas of soulful vocals and gentle, barely-perceptible pads. Using space with tact, the single occurs in pockets of silent moments, drawing listeners in to share its secrets with them.

The musician breaks down the inner workings of his latest release, saying, “As the title illustrates, it has a slowly building musical structure and also refers to the lyrics written by singer Sara Halo–HALOSARA is a newcomer singer-songwriter from Budapest’s music scene. The track is six broody minutes of analogue Electronica, where the main concept was to hang the heavenly blues-influenced vocal over the gentle, organic bass.”

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