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April 21, 2023 The Burma puts on a show in ‘Live in Lisdoonvarna’ video

The Burma puts on a show in ‘Live in Lisdoonvarna’ video

Image credit: Ciara O’Toole

The last time we heard about The Burma was when they released their debut album Sucker For Stars (find the article here). Now, the band has switched gears and are preparing to release singles from their forthcoming sophomore LP, the name of which is yet to be revealed. While we wait, however, we can sit back, kick our feet up, and watch their new video, a live performance of 4 tracks from their first project.

Watching the video, you will be led through a set containing four tracks from their debut album: ‘Hard To Say’, which opens the show with high energy. Then, the band give us their rendition ‘Blinded by the Lights’ by British band The Streets, which they mixed with their own song ‘Mike and Simone’.  The second half of the performance showcases ‘Don’t Believe Your Dreams’ and finally ‘Sleepers’, putting their debut project to rest, so to speak. Watch it here:

‘Live in Lisdoonvarna’ Video Set List:

1. Hard To Say

2. Mike and Simone + Blinded By The Lights by The Streets

3. Don’t Believe Your Dreams

4. Sleepers

The Burma Tour Dates:

19 Aug – Canal Bar @ Dingwalls, Camden, London

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March 17, 2023 Indie-Folk musician Land Of Trees’ delivers new album

Indie-Folk musician Land Of Trees’ delivers new album

Image credit: Marie Wahlström

It is official. Singer-songwriter Land Of Trees has released his fourth LP titled Things I Don’t Know.. Yet. On the project, we discover the sombre yet hopeful record ‘Giving You My Notice’, a hearty mix of harmonies to soothe the soul. “‘Things I Don’t Know.. Yet’ is a step back to basics.” he shared, describing how he aimed to create music for music’s sake. And he has delivered, keeping things sonically cohesive, nothing overly complicated.

Stream / Download: Land Of Trees – Things I Don’t Know.. Yet

Land Of Trees’ music touches on the folky side of Indie music. Straying from the usual formula, he imbues his sound with the voice of a man raised in nature. There is a certain earthiness to his sound. He creates music grounded in his roots, elaborating on the stories from his life to give listeners a vacation from the office desk, where they can drift with the mist in the mountains. Read our feature on his previously released single ‘See The Fire Dancing Single’ here.

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February 10, 2023 Songwriter Rona Mac’s new song ‘Sense’ reaches creative truth

Songwriter Rona Mac’s new song ‘Sense’ reaches creative truth

Doing it herself in the UK, Rona Mac is an independent musician from West Wales who has plumbed the depth of her songwriting ability to create a powerful work of audible art. The truth is this: Rona Mac is an artist with heart. She has suffused each note and every lyric of her new song ‘Sense’ with feeling. Her unapologetic openness is refreshing.

Stream / Download: Rona Mac – ‘Sense’

One can hear that she has high creative standards, accepting nothing less than poetic excellence. Or maybe that’s just the impression I got. Either way, ‘Sense’ makes a home in one’s mind and walks around with you for a while after you have listened to it. It’s uncanny. Free from pretence, the record peels back the layers to reveal who Rona Mac is and the hardships she has had to endure. She has grasped what good, honest music is all about: sincerity of emotion and vulnerability from the artist.

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July 8, 2022 The Burma performs ‘Sleepers’ in debonair music video

The Burma performs ‘Sleepers’ in debonair music video

Image credit: Isla Media

This just in: The Burma have taken to the rooftop in their new music video for their latest single ‘Sleepers’, out via The Burma Music. Overlooking the city, the trio jam out amongst the clouds.

Stream/ Download: ‘Sleepers’

Complete with suits, ties, and red carpets, the video is a luxurious visual experience. Formal, yet casual, the band creates a fun scene, performing in smart outfits at an unusual venue. It is as if the band slipped away from a stuffy award ceremony to do what they love best: make good music. On top of the world, literally, The Burma performs their single, which tells of climbing out from the bottom.

Read our previous feature on ‘Sleepers’ here

Looking back at one’s mistakes, it is easy to see where things went wrong. But moving forward is far more challenging. One must enter the unknown, often while stumbling and falling. This is a central human experience, which The Burma encapsulates in ‘Sleepers’.  The video drives home the message that no matter your position, whether you are on the second or fourth floor, you can find your way up.

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