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November 30, 2023 Listen to The Irrepressibles’ breathtaking new ballad, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’

Listen to The Irrepressibles’ breathtaking new ballad, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’

On November 23rd, 2023, Jamie Irrepressible and his seven-piece band The Irrepressibles released yet another haunting single, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’, via Of Naked Design. The Manchester-based vocalist and composer, Jamie, started The Irrepressibles back in 2002. They have since built a discography of three critically-acclaimed albums. Collectively amassing over three billion streams, he has also collaborated with industry icons like Røyksopp, Rex The Dog, and Ionalee. More recently, The Irrepressibles performed the Self Love & Acceptance EP to sold-out shows in churches and concert halls across the UK, such as St Mark’s in Edinburgh, London’s St Luke’s, and Oxford’s St Barnabas’. 

Following the release of his latest EP, Self Love & Acceptance, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’ is a delicate piano ballad, exploring themes of loneliness and yearning for somebody to love. Jamie’s voice is tender but brimming with powerful emotion, carried gently by the reverb-soaked, minimal instrumental arrangement. Strings swell as Jamie’s voice tentatively but bravely sings of hope for one day finding a home in someone.

Jamie Irrepressible revealed: “’Will I Ever Find A Home?’ expresses the longing to find that someone as a gay man or queer person in these times of fleeting affairs and commercialism where the sense of home with someone to love becomes all too elusive.”

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November 24, 2023 Lofi hit-maker coldbrew unleashes soulful bedroom single

Lofi hit-maker coldbrew unleashes soulful bedroom single

In anticipation of his upcoming beat-driven LP entitled ‘no time to waste, Oklahoma-based lofi producer coldbrew shared his third single, ‘because of you’. Unveiled to the world on 15 November, the new track showcases a gorgeous smorgasbord of jazz, hip hop, and all-round chilled-out vibes. This latest gem boasts an atmosphere of rich nostalgia whilst a delicately uplifting piano line runs throughout. coldbrew maintains his rugged, lofi hip hop roots with a trademark face-smacking crunchy percussion. Stream the single and the other freshly released tracks below:

Featuring as closer for the ‘no time to waste’ album, this triumphant hit was created to express the immense gratitude coldbrew has for his loyal fan base. Without regular touring, bedroom beat-makers aren’t usually privy to their audience’s reactions. However, this uplifting artist’s following got creative with their support eaarlier this year.

coldbrew shared, “This track is dedicated to the fans of my creations. I have been making and releasing beats for nearly 5 years [but] my social following has been a very small percentage of that. Until recently that is. In January 2023 I posted a video of me waving, with text that said “I made this song” (with my song simple. playing). [I was] flooded with fans telling me their experiences with the track and memories they have made to it. I feel so damn lucky, and it’s all because of you”.

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June 28, 2023 Black Light White Light express complex feelings in ‘Epilepsy’

Black Light White Light express complex feelings in ‘Epilepsy’

Image credit: Jannick Boerlum

Admiration is a state, if we can call it that, full of conflicting emotions. There’s a shard of envy in there, a dash of desire to complicate things, an extra helping of high esteem and unconditional regard. It is the recognition of an ideal. An ideal that music tries to reach. Pursuing said ideal and capturing the accompanying emotions, the Indie rock band Black Light White Light has shared an emotionally-turbulent single from their latest album, a project titled The Admirer

Stream / Download: Black Light White Light – The Admirer

“I think the album presents the band’s most personal, versatile and certainly most adventurous release to date,’ said  Black Light White Light. ‘It delivers psychedelic rock, cosmic pop, and piano-driven ballads with wandering melodies, layers of keyboards, sizzling delay guitars, and manipulated effects to an intoxicating mix that jumps and has plenty of edge in 10 songs with personal lyrics about pain, doubt, love and confusion. My most personal songs to date.”

The single, ‘Epilepsy’, sees songwriter and band member Martin Ejlertsen pen a tale that disturbs but entices in its free-flow lyricism. Available now under the Forward Backwards Recordings label.

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April 21, 2023 The Burma puts on a show in ‘Live in Lisdoonvarna’ video

The Burma puts on a show in ‘Live in Lisdoonvarna’ video

Image credit: Ciara O’Toole

The last time we heard about The Burma was when they released their debut album Sucker For Stars (find the article here). Now, the band has switched gears and are preparing to release singles from their forthcoming sophomore LP, the name of which is yet to be revealed. While we wait, however, we can sit back, kick our feet up, and watch their new video, a live performance of 4 tracks from their first project.

Watching the video, you will be led through a set containing four tracks from their debut album: ‘Hard To Say’, which opens the show with high energy. Then, the band give us their rendition ‘Blinded by the Lights’ by British band The Streets, which they mixed with their own song ‘Mike and Simone’.  The second half of the performance showcases ‘Don’t Believe Your Dreams’ and finally ‘Sleepers’, putting their debut project to rest, so to speak. Watch it here:

‘Live in Lisdoonvarna’ Video Set List:

1. Hard To Say

2. Mike and Simone + Blinded By The Lights by The Streets

3. Don’t Believe Your Dreams

4. Sleepers

The Burma Tour Dates:

19 Aug – Canal Bar @ Dingwalls, Camden, London

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