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June 15, 2022 Music producers TIBASKO share electronica release

Music producers TIBASKO share electronica release

Rising British electronic DJ / production duo TIBASKO are poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Traces / Gradients’, lifted from their forthcoming self-titled EP due this September through Another Rhythm.

Drawing on a myriad on influences from techno, house and breaks. This ethos of discovery and experimentation firmly plants TIBASKO in the driving seat of modern, progressive creators. 

They say: “The beginning phase of this EP perfectly captures the feeling that this extended project will go down, showing a diverse and eclectic side of all things TIBASKO. We wanted to encorporate a wide range of production techniques across this project and you’ll hear them in both Traces and Gradients. Going back to our love of digging through worldly music, we’ve found Bulgarian Folk music has this incredibly captivating element to it. ‘Traces’ features a beautiful vocal stemming from old Thracian folklore, which showcases intense and dissonant vocals. Paired with the big, dreamy synth elements we created, we feel it’s drawn out a mysterious and haunting feel to the track. ‘Gradients’ acts as a juxtaposition to ‘Traces’ – we intentionally gave it a more industrial and experimental sound parallel to what you’d find in those sweaty basement raves, whilst the vocals still retain that tribal element we love to include in our music.”

Confirmed for Snowbombing Festival (Austria), Hideout Festival (Croatia), Boardmasters (UK), Nass Festival (UK), Cultivate Festival (UK), Verve Festival (Switzerland), El Dorado Festival (UK), Fields Of Fantasy (UK) and Queens Yard Summer Party (UK), TIBASKO are on for an exciting UK/EU festival season.

They have also confirmed their debut USA tour for September this year, a staple moment in their touring journey as they look to solidify their place amongst the strongest emerging electronic music artists to be breaking out of the UK.

Focusing on their forthcoming EP until summer takes over, TIBASKO’s eclectic menagerie of styles promises further intriguing shifts in tone as they aspire to reach a deeper emotional connection with their audience.



May 13, 2022 Electronic infused hip-hop producer GANZ shares new music

Electronic infused hip-hop producer GANZ shares new music

Image credit: Chris Frederica

GANZ, A.K.A Jordy Saämena, is an Amsterdam based producer/DJ extraordinaire who developed his masterful blend of hip-hop and electronica from a young age. Overtime, GANZ’s sound has evolved, seeing him explore new territories and experimenting with indie, pop and avant garde music. His latest releases showcase his time spent playing with a multitude of genres and ambient soundscapes, creating something that is truly unique to GANZ. 

“If I Could Be Loved” featuring vocals from Eline Mann explodes with colour and vitality. Speaking of the collaboration, Saämena shares, “I really liked her voice and specifically the raw edge which made her voice sound unique to me.” An overwhelming surge of electronic sounds and textures fills the track, with oscillating beats and the ultimate dance worthy melody making this an infectious and vibey anthem.

GANZ has embarked on an artistic takeover of the musical world, with his music catching the attention of tastemakers like Complex, Stereogum and Hypebeast. On top of his musical output, GANZ has maintained a heavy touring schedule. He’s supported Keys N Krates and Destructo separately on North American tours and performed multiple times in Australia, including a gig at Splendour In The Grass. 2022 is set to be an exciting year for the producer, with numerous releases slated for throughout the year.

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May 9, 2022 Eclectic band Stavroz share sinister fairytale music video

Eclectic band Stavroz share sinister fairytale music video

Pre-save: In Mindibu LP

Adventure and suspense await the viewer in Stavroz’s latest bewitching music video ‘Wintergreen’. Inspired by ancient Greek mythology,  this music video indeed feels like we are watching an abnormal exchange between two different worlds. Set to feature on their full-length album Mindibu which is set to be released on the 13th of May via Moodfamily, one can certainly feel the bewitching mood from the single fits the delightfully eerie styling of the music video.

Stream / Download: ‘Wintergreen’ on SpotifyItunes

Stavroz elaborates further on the inspiration behind the music video:  “Our trilogy of videos are based on the ancient legend of Orpheus and Eurydice which has been brought to Mindibu, the world of Stavroz. As Orpheus sets off on his journey to save his love from the underworld, he is joined by Mindibu’s creatures. Uncertain of what lies ahead, he bravely soldiers on, guided by a sinister yet sensual and melancholic soundtrack.”

Upcoming Tour Dates & Tickets here

Although Stavroz are known for their eclectic electronic sound that involves lots of experimentation, we are pleasantly surprised by this music video that feels like we are watching a sinister fairytale being played out right before our eyes. As our male protagonist runs for his life from the peculiar forest dwellers, we can already determine that he is feeling like he is being hunted. 

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March 1, 2022 Musician Holo delights electronica listeners with song ‘In Limbo’

Musician Holo delights electronica listeners with song ‘In Limbo’

 Image credit: Paul Chynoweth

Music producer Holo has delighted the avid electronica listener once again with his charismatic and laidback energy on his latest song offering ‘In Limbo’. A true connoisseur of electronics, the music producer crafts his sound around his feelings rather than feeling tied down to one key sound. To many people’s surprise, the producer has also admitted he is not strictly inspired by traditionally electronic musicians, citing names like alternative band Radiohead and The Beatles as some of his key inspirations. If you want to hear more from this fresh talent, stay tuned as he plans to release an EP also titled In Limbo next month via Houseum.

Stream / Download: ‘In Limbo’ single

In an interview with Chill Music, the producer shared: “I think the common thread within my music is an emphasis on texture, melody, and harmony primarily. I really care about which sounds I pick, as I want to create a distinct atmosphere for the track to live in… almost like decorating a room. Other signatures I think of are simple drum parts, live guitar, bass playing, the use of unusual samples, and lots of reverb.”

Certainly a quirky and imaginative fellow as his response above suggests, Holo continues to impress us with every single release he shares with us. ‘In Limbo’ shares the producer’s versatility with panache and an “effortlessly” spaced out sound that blurs genre expectations and is an overall wholesomely mellow track for the stressed or elated to enjoy simultaneously. 

‘In Limbo’ features on the Spotify playlist

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