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August 18, 2022 Band Mellor gives us their all in ‘Gargoyle Groove’

Band Mellor gives us their all in ‘Gargoyle Groove’

Image credit: Alex Wickenden

Committing to raw power, UK band Mellor has shared their latest record ‘Gargoyle Groove’, which is a culmination of years spent listening to bands like Oasis and Arctic Monkeys. Released under Triple B Records, the single gives us a hint of what their forthcoming album, titled Problematic Passions, will sound like.

Stream / Download ‘Gargoyle Groove’ 

The record feels like pure expression. It is as if Mellor held back nothing while they delivered each note and lyric, which is probably true given the intensity of the track. There is nothing mild about it. No, each chorus is an undiluted thrust of distortion. 

The band originates from Redding, UK, and was started during its members’ younger years. There is an element of their rebellious youth that has carried through, becoming a part of the band’s charisma. It’s as if we are watching a live performance from an old, beat-up coach in a garage plastered with peeling band posters and littered with crumpled beer cans. We’re happy to lounge around and listen while Mellor tweaks their amps and floors their pedals.

Mellor Tour Dates 2022:

20th October – 33 Oldham Street, Manchester

21st October – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

27th October – The Star, Guildford

3rd November – Sidney & Matilde, Sheffield

4th November – Old Blue Last, London

5th November – River Studios, Southampton

10th November – Dead Wax Digbeth, Birmingham

11th November –  Purple Turtle, Reading

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July 8, 2022 The Burma performs ‘Sleepers’ in debonair music video

The Burma performs ‘Sleepers’ in debonair music video

Image credit: Isla Media

This just in: The Burma have taken to the rooftop in their new music video for their latest single ‘Sleepers’, out via The Burma Music. Overlooking the city, the trio jam out amongst the clouds.

Stream/ Download: ‘Sleepers’

Complete with suits, ties, and red carpets, the video is a luxurious visual experience. Formal, yet casual, the band creates a fun scene, performing in smart outfits at an unusual venue. It is as if the band slipped away from a stuffy award ceremony to do what they love best: make good music. On top of the world, literally, The Burma performs their single, which tells of climbing out from the bottom.

Read our previous feature on ‘Sleepers’ here

Looking back at one’s mistakes, it is easy to see where things went wrong. But moving forward is far more challenging. One must enter the unknown, often while stumbling and falling. This is a central human experience, which The Burma encapsulates in ‘Sleepers’.  The video drives home the message that no matter your position, whether you are on the second or fourth floor, you can find your way up.

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October 15, 2021 ANIQO shares chilling new video for ‘Fear’

ANIQO shares chilling new video for ‘Fear’

Psychedelic songstress ANIQO has released a video to accompany her new track ‘Fear.’ Directed by Matthias Pfeiffer (aka Pupillendriller) and produced by Guy Sternberg (Keane, Feist, Yoko Ono, Kings of Convenience) the video is a haunting visual translation of a potent track.

Stream/ download: ‘Fear’

On ‘Fear’ ANIQO speaks of the control measures implemented by media, government, and religion, using masks and dimly-lit scenes as a literal translation. The evocative visuals are well suited to the atmosphere of the track, leaving the viewer with a strong message. 

Speaking of the concept behind the video, ANIQO tells us: “The video symbolizes confrontations with various fears… Matthias and I have a similar perspective on the world, also in aesthetic terms.  To visualize the feeling of a song is not easy but we managed to do that here.  Fear has many faces and I became even more aware of that during the shoot.”

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August 13, 2020 Indie-rock sensation Andy Martin releases single and music video

Indie-rock sensation Andy Martin releases single and music video

   Image credit: Ali Rasoul – Animal House Reference

Andy Martin is an Australian indie-rock musician that is currently making waves with his latest single ‘Heat Of It All’, which is now accompanied by an official music video. The single premiered via the renowned CLOUT Magazine. Andy only began his solo career at the beginning of 2020, and has already seen a flood of support from radio station Triple J as well stream rate spiking over 80 000 streams with his previous singles. 

Andy adds his thoughts on his latest single release, “Most of the songs I write come together in a matter of hours. ‘Heat of it All’ was not one of those. I actually wrote the hook/chorus for this around 3/4 years ago. I had been playing around with progressions and some of the verse lyrics. That is why I am so proud of this song. It shows how I have evolved as a songwriter of the last few years. If you want to dance, cry, laugh or hold somebody, this ones for you (so everyone!).”

Inspired by a varied range of musicians, including Sam Fender, John Mayer and beloved Australian musician Gretta Ray. Andy provides similar invigorating energy like his inspirations in the new single. 

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