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November 23, 2022 Fiery rock band Mellor unveils new album Problematic Passions

Image credit: Alex Wickenden

UK rock band Mellor has released their latest album Problematic Passions via Triple B Records. The formidable band’s formerly released EP, Dive into the Strange, enjoyed the #2 spot on the iTunes rock album chart and #3 on the Amazon Music rock album chart. Locally, Mellor graced the airwaves of the prestigious BBC Introducing Berkshire, BBC Radio 1, and BBC 6.

Stream / Download: Mellor – Problematic Passions LP

The new album’s song lineup tells a story. The last track concludes satisfactorily, presenting answers to questions pondered regarding the conflicting and agonising emotions explored in every track that proceeds the first song. ‘Could If I Would’, the first track in the album, deals with anticipated hope, courage, and a certain conflicting inability to act in a certain way. The conflict is appeased and essentially addressed in the last track, ‘Call It Off’, which deals with letting go of a situation that does not benefit the self, especially if there is an internal personal conflict.

Mellor relays the conceptual composition of Problematic Passions: “Jake Day has done an impeccable job of mixing the songs and working with us to find the personality of the album. Although not a true concept album, it has a recurring theme of the bad things people do or get themselves into. A problematic passion could be anything from drugs and stealing to manipulation and money troubles”.

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