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November 30, 2023 Listen to The Irrepressibles’ breathtaking new ballad, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’

Listen to The Irrepressibles’ breathtaking new ballad, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’

On November 23rd, 2023, Jamie Irrepressible and his seven-piece band The Irrepressibles released yet another haunting single, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’, via Of Naked Design. The Manchester-based vocalist and composer, Jamie, started The Irrepressibles back in 2002. They have since built a discography of three critically-acclaimed albums. Collectively amassing over three billion streams, he has also collaborated with industry icons like Røyksopp, Rex The Dog, and Ionalee. More recently, The Irrepressibles performed the Self Love & Acceptance EP to sold-out shows in churches and concert halls across the UK, such as St Mark’s in Edinburgh, London’s St Luke’s, and Oxford’s St Barnabas’. 

Following the release of his latest EP, Self Love & Acceptance, ‘Will I Ever Find a Home?’ is a delicate piano ballad, exploring themes of loneliness and yearning for somebody to love. Jamie’s voice is tender but brimming with powerful emotion, carried gently by the reverb-soaked, minimal instrumental arrangement. Strings swell as Jamie’s voice tentatively but bravely sings of hope for one day finding a home in someone.

Jamie Irrepressible revealed: “’Will I Ever Find A Home?’ expresses the longing to find that someone as a gay man or queer person in these times of fleeting affairs and commercialism where the sense of home with someone to love becomes all too elusive.”

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November 24, 2023 Lofi hit-maker coldbrew unleashes soulful bedroom single

Lofi hit-maker coldbrew unleashes soulful bedroom single

In anticipation of his upcoming beat-driven LP entitled ‘no time to waste, Oklahoma-based lofi producer coldbrew shared his third single, ‘because of you’. Unveiled to the world on 15 November, the new track showcases a gorgeous smorgasbord of jazz, hip hop, and all-round chilled-out vibes. This latest gem boasts an atmosphere of rich nostalgia whilst a delicately uplifting piano line runs throughout. coldbrew maintains his rugged, lofi hip hop roots with a trademark face-smacking crunchy percussion. Stream the single and the other freshly released tracks below:

Featuring as closer for the ‘no time to waste’ album, this triumphant hit was created to express the immense gratitude coldbrew has for his loyal fan base. Without regular touring, bedroom beat-makers aren’t usually privy to their audience’s reactions. However, this uplifting artist’s following got creative with their support eaarlier this year.

coldbrew shared, “This track is dedicated to the fans of my creations. I have been making and releasing beats for nearly 5 years [but] my social following has been a very small percentage of that. Until recently that is. In January 2023 I posted a video of me waving, with text that said “I made this song” (with my song simple. playing). [I was] flooded with fans telling me their experiences with the track and memories they have made to it. I feel so damn lucky, and it’s all because of you”.

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November 23, 2023 Boisterous beat-makers, BoomBox unleash Dangerous Waters

Boisterous beat-makers, BoomBox unleash Dangerous Waters

Right off the heels of their nationwide tour, popular electronic-dance-rock duo BoomBox dropped their new album Dangerous Waters on 10 November. This wildly enjoyable offering refuses to decide between “dance” or “lounge.” BoomBox was founded in 2004 by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Zion Rock Godchaux, who for this release tapped Kinsman MacKay in for his slick beats. Stream the featured single, ‘Beunas Noches’ and the rest of the new album here:

Opening track ‘Black Linens’ leads with a firey bass line that pairs oh so well with the exuberant bongo percussions. Forming an undeniably danceable groove. The featured single ‘Buenas Noches’ comprises of a floating vocal track and hard-hitting drums, reminiscent of the Gorillaz

‘Taut Thriller’ keeps the party going strong with an infectious groove, led by a gritty synth bass line. Godchaux described his intention for the LP; “The sound is about pulling from anything that you’d hear coming out of a boombox and distilling it into a distinctive style”. The second single ‘Searching’ takes this level of experimentation even further. Resulting in a banger of a chillout track.
BoomBox discussed their new album: ‘Dangerous Waters’ is the first album [we] as brothers have made together. Its sounds are both digital and analog, and we feel it’s a further refinement of the BoomBox sound.” Godchaux candidly mentioned, “There’s a special kind of chemistry between two brothers playing music together.”

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November 22, 2023 R3HAB remixes Acid Arab’s ‘Habaytak’, listen now

R3HAB remixes Acid Arab’s ‘Habaytak’, listen now

Multi-platinum producer, and DJ, R3HAB has just unleashed a new remix of Acid Arab’s infectiously boundary-breaking track, ‘Habaytak’. Better known by his moniker, the producer, Fadil El Ghoul, has remixed the likes of Rihanna, Drake, Taylor Swift, and Calvin Harris, and put out original tracks with huge collabs. He has dominated the mainstream whilst staying true to his Dutch-Moroccan heritage. Out now via [PIAS] Électronique, R3HAB gave the Eastern-inspired sound of the original track, featuring Ghizlane Melih’s vocals, a darker, faster-paced twist. Watch the freshly released Jean-Charles Charavin-directed video: 

Trailblazing through the original with his vision but never forgetting to intensify Acid Arab’s existing builds and breaks, R3HAB heightens the vocal track to spine-tingling levels. Incorporating explicit House elements and throbbing electronic bass, this club banger exaggerates the source material’s production whilst keeping Ghizlane Melih’s gorgeous vocals in the spotlight. In doing so, he not only injects the beats with his unique brand of thumping House, but he also pays homage to the Morrocan diva’s heritage and influences. Listen to both the original and the new remix below: 

About their exciting collaboration, the two producers had this to say, R3HAB: “I’ve been a fan of Acid Arab’s work for a long time now, so I was excited when they reached out. I had a lot of fun remixing ‘Habaytak’, it’s always a good challenge to infuse my sound into different genres and musical cultures. I loved the experience and we’re excited to finally share it with the world!”. Acid Arab: “This mix of R3HAB’s more mainstream sound with our Arabic-inspired electronic music has spawned a unique and potentially massive track. We’re honoured that R3HAB agreed to add his special touch and individual vibe to our track. We’re proud to see more musical boundaries fall.”

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