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July 6, 2022 Phantoms share new song ‘Letting Me Go’  from upcoming album

Phantoms share new song ‘Letting Me Go’ from upcoming album

Image Credit: Collin Black

Indie-dance duo Phantoms share new single ‘Letting Me Go’ from forthcoming album “This Can’t Be Everything”.  Speaking of the new single, Phantoms say: “Letting Me Go” is the first song on our album coming in August. It was another one we wrote pretty early on in the album process and tried to incorporate a lot of the sounds we felt characterized the record. It’s still dance driven with synthesizers and punchy drums, but we also wanted it to feel euphoric and melancholy, like you could float away while listening to it.

Phantoms have come into their own and taken a new approach to their music following monumental personal and professional life changes and through those experiences have created some of their most dynamic and transcendent music to date. The two were officially signed to Foreign Family Collective earlier this year, (founded by electronic giant ODESZA in 2015) and since have had the freedom to explore new and exciting creative avenues with their music.

With previous support from NPR, Billboard, Stereogum, Earmilk + more and over 125 million streams across platforms, the duo has solidified themselves as one of the most promising acts entering 2022, with lots more on the horizon. Their recent string of singles including, ‘Lay It All on Me’ featuring UK based singer-songwriter Jem Cooke and ‘Firepit’ with electronic producer/composer, Big Wild, have received incredible support from playlisting across the globe as well as continued radio support worldwide including heavy rotation on BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, SiriusXM (Diplo’s Revolution & BPM) + KCRW, triple j and more.

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October 25, 2021 Indie synth-pop magic with Tee Dee Dees ‘Slim Bears’

Indie synth-pop magic with Tee Dee Dees ‘Slim Bears’

Indie synth-pop project Tee Dee Dees has just released his sophomore single, ‘Slim Bears’ via Alaska Music. This follows his single ‘War’ which was recently premiered by Clash Magazine.

Based in Tel-Aviv, writer, editor, and musician, Ori mark is the creative force behind Tee Dee Dee’s. His work has been likened to the likes of  Interpol, Placebo and Depeche Mode.

The driving vocals and undulating rock tempo on ‘Slim Bears’ is a mix that really resonates, even if the ride can be a little jittery. The track centres around close personal relationships, the need for solitude, and realising when dreams should remain just that – dreams.

Ori Mark explains: “I have all kinds of non-realistic dreams, like starting a community in the desert – a lot of music, some sixties atmosphere, some Buddhism, I don’t know. Stupid dreams. In the end, I find it hard to keep close relationships even with my loved ones. I guess this song suggests to make some efforts and keep your circle close before choosing to be alone”.

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April 26, 2021 Music producers Marcus James & RYYZN release acoustic edition of latest EP

Music producers Marcus James & RYYZN release acoustic edition of latest EP

    Image Credit: Eric Beckstead

Previously featured on RCRD LBL (read feature) with song ‘Night Light’, acclaimed producer Marcus James and the reputable duo RYYZN released their  Warning Sign(Stripped) EP via Physical Presents on Friday, and we are still hooked. RYYZN are a Vancouver-based duo comprised of David York and Jessie Elias who come from Calgary and Saskatoon respectively. Born based and currently living in Vancouver, Marcus James is well known for collaborating with other local talent, and ultimately producing music that will leave you captivated from the first few seconds of listening to it. 

Stream/Download ‘Warning Sign’ (Stripped) EP

We waited in anticipation to hear what RYYZN and Marcus James were releasing next, after watching their breathtaking acoustic take on their single ‘Night Light’ . The Warning Sign (Stripped) EP definitely lives up to the hype of its predecessor. The acoustic edition of Warning Sign features a combination of noteworthy quirks, like it’s honeyed alternative vocal range from duo RYYZN that has captured you from the beginning. Along with this, is the unforgettable instrumental compositions from Marcus James – leaves you wanting more.

 Marcus James shares the importance of the new version of the EP:

This Stripped EP is our way of coming full circle for the final chapter of the Warning Sign project and releasing all four songs in the acoustic form that they were first written and recorded. It was important to us from a songwriting standpoint to make sure these songs worked “stripped-down” before we turned them into the productions released on the original EP. I guess somewhere along the line we figured if these songs work in their original form, why not let people hear them in that way?

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March 9, 2021 Retro pop band Barley Passable releases Hindsight EP

Retro pop band Barley Passable releases Hindsight EP

Photo Credit: Kira Celine

The ‘Hindsight’ EP finds a band casting one eye back to the funk-fuelled melodies and discofied rhythms of yesteryear, with its other fixed on a fresh, finessed and floor-filling vision for the post-Pandemic generation.

Take their previous track Silver, with all its clipped French-touch grooves, elastic disco basslines and glittering retro synthesizers. Intended as a beacon of hope and a paean to eternal youth; it’s a mirror-ball speckled marvel, destined to shine in the darkest of dance-halls as the new era of nightlife and all its endless possibilities beckon.

A fitting entry to their new ‘Hindsight’ EP, Barley Passable say of “Silver”

Keeping with the theme of our first EP ‘Hindsight’, “Silver” is written in the context of us looking back on feeling self love and confidence, both things we wish came around more often and stay longer in our lives. With us both fresh out of school and in the books studying at the time; writing, releasing and playing music helped us escape and feel unbreakable. It was like when we were away from our studies we were finally able to shine like silver and do what we were meant to do. We wanted to capture and tell the world of this feeling of invincibility and coolness that can go unseen when things just feel right. When we feel “Silver”, we stay young and people sure know it.”

Released this Spring, the ‘Hindsight’ EP follows a succession of deeply irresistible releases from the aspiring Aussie duo. Making waves with early singles “All I Haveand “Whether or Not” in 2020, the band continued their winning streak with “Step Inside” and recent single “Turnaround”; both of which appear on the EP. ‘Hindsight’ also features two brand new bonus tracks, the sensual slow-dance of “Forget” and the cinematic closer “For Now”. 

Reflecting on the new EP, the duo of Kai Ollmann (guitars, vox) and Davy Brown (keyboards, vox) say: 

Hindsight is all too human. Often painfully, hindsight pulls the past into the now and helps one to see that looking back on even the most negative of situations can push growth and momentum. This EP is our way of returning to various scenes over the last few years, from the first time we met, and speaking to these situations, as they still run on repeat in our minds. It is a constant reminder telling us to remember exactly who we are, to trust our heads and to be passionate and happy. Most importantly we hope it does the same for all who listen.”

Written, recorded and produced by Barley Passable at their studio in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, additional contributions come from Callum Hulme (drums), James Christowski (production) and Zino Mikorey (mastering). 

Making waves with each new release they put their name to, the ‘Hindsight’ EP consolidates Barley Passable’s retro-futuristic pop in one place and confirms them as one of 2021’s brightest emerging talents.

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