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May 24, 2024 Dave Curl – Soulful singer-songwriter releases ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’ Single & Video

Dave Curl – Soulful singer-songwriter releases ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’ Single & Video

Independent Australian-Swiss singer-songwriter and producer Dave Curl releases his iconic single & video ’Don’t Talk Anymore’. He recently released a unique sophomore LP, Lockdown – Seven Nations, on February 23, 2024. Boasting over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, airplay on numerous indie radio stations in Germany and abroad. With performances in the respected Kulturkoller Club and around 20 other locations, Dave Curl has shown no signs of slowing down. The prolific performer has released nearly two dozen singles, two EPs, and the 2021 full-length album, Introducing. His newest project promises listeners an infectious and thought-provoking concoction of rock and roll.

With a glitchy introduction ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’ beckons the listener with bluesy guitar and an edgy bass line with a syncopated drum groove in a classic tone. Dave Curl offers up an electrifying rock track connected to the times. In the animated lyric video we are introduced to Dave in stillness, observing reality through virtually reality goggles. With scenes of life unfolding behind him, he identifies the indifference a tech-infused lifestyle creates.  

Dave Curl shared: Don’t Talk Anymore’ captures the modern epidemic of disconnection, as people immerse themselves in smartphones rather than meaningful conversation. Inspired by a train journey through the Italian part of Switzerland, Dave Curl was struck by the eerie silence of fellow passengers glued to their screens. Expecting lively chatter, he instead found an irritating scene of silence. This moment sparked the idea of ‘Don’t Talk Anymore’. The song serves as an ironic reminder of the importance of meaningful communication in an increasingly virtual world.

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August 25, 2023 Nana Razaia turns up the heat with steamy new track ‘Toxico’

Nana Razaia turns up the heat with steamy new track ‘Toxico’

Born in Brockton, Massachusetts from Brazilian parents, Nana Razaia aims at celebrating her South American roots through music. Taking pride in writing, producing and mixing all her songs, multifaceted artist Nana Razaia explores her dual identity through the music she creates. This results in her unique brand of melodic playfulness and fresh approach to vocal production, blending in contemporary Brazilian instrumentation with 2000’s R&B influenced vocals. 

Listen / Stream : Nana Razaia – ‘Toxico’

With ‘Toxicò’, her first ever Baile Funk track released on August 25th, Nana Razaia reclaims her contrasted cultural identity. Ideal for turning up the heat of any party, this highly addictive track will undoubtedly become an instantaneous club favorite. 

Backed by Baile Funk’s characteristic Miami bass and Afrobeat inspired percussion, ‘Toxicò’ sees Nana Razaia jumping smoothly in between her two native languages. Described as her rowdiest work yet, the songs’ luscious beats and blazing hot lyrics allows Nana Razaia to reclaim and reinterpret her Brazilian identity.

When asked about her inspiration for the song, she explains: “Over the years, I took it upon myself to discover more about contemporary Brazilian art and culture, the stuff my parents didn’t grow up on. My world opened up and my curiosity kicked into high gear. I became hooked on baile funk. My main goal with Tóxico is to show that even though I’m thousands of miles away from the motherland, I never lost my Brazilian identity.”

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August 22, 2023 Sam Hart embraces her vulnerability in raw single ‘Thirty and Thriving’

Sam Hart embraces her vulnerability in raw single ‘Thirty and Thriving’

Image credit: image via publicist

In her poignant new song ‘Thirty and Thriving’, singer-songwriter Sam Hart reflects on the complexities of coming of age as a woman, in our modern society. Accompanied by the moving visuals of actual VHS footage from her early childhood, the song’s cathartic lyrics allow Hart to disclose her challenging journey towards self-acceptance in spite of unrealistic pressures.

Stream / Download: Sam Hart – Thirty and Thriving

The gentle and melancholic piano accompaniment unveils the Canadian artist’s true essence as a powerful vocalist, effortlessly switching between delicate nuances and powerful highs and allowing her versatile voice to shine through. 

When asked about her inspiration for the song, Sam Hart reveals “I wrote ‘Thirty and Thriving’ at a time when I was falling behind. It felt like I was running toward a door that never seemed to get closer. Writing this song helped me to truly understand that everyone’s path looks different and that’s okay”.

June 21, 2022 Synth-pop songstress ena mori unmasks new video ‘SOS’

Synth-pop songstress ena mori unmasks new video ‘SOS’

Award-winning synth-pop extraordinaire ena mori has graced her fans with another striking video for her single ‘SOS’, out now via Offshore Music Ph. Despite what the title says, ena mori needs no help curating sounds designed to pique interest and storyboarding a video that is capable of displaying her flair for the dramatic.

Stream/ Download: ‘SOS’

Revealing a playful perspective on internal turmoil, ‘SOS’ graces the listener with a zany palette of high-energy synths and retro vocals that feel influenced by the free-spirited ‘80s era, while somehow still maintaining a fresh feel and bringing pop into the twenty-first century.

Her exuberance is infectious. Even the most rigid stiff would be unable to resist tapping their foot along with this upbeat artwork. ena mori is an artist who has proved that she can create conceptually-strong mini-stories to accompany her audio explorations, based on how she relates to her feelings. All in all ‘SOS’ is a joyous soundtrack to the human condition.

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