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November 23, 2023 Boisterous beat-makers, BoomBox unleash Dangerous Waters

Boisterous beat-makers, BoomBox unleash Dangerous Waters

Right off the heels of their nationwide tour, popular electronic-dance-rock duo BoomBox dropped their new album Dangerous Waters on 10 November. This wildly enjoyable offering refuses to decide between “dance” or “lounge.” BoomBox was founded in 2004 by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Zion Rock Godchaux, who for this release tapped Kinsman MacKay in for his slick beats. Stream the featured single, ‘Beunas Noches’ and the rest of the new album here:

Opening track ‘Black Linens’ leads with a firey bass line that pairs oh so well with the exuberant bongo percussions. Forming an undeniably danceable groove. The featured single ‘Buenas Noches’ comprises of a floating vocal track and hard-hitting drums, reminiscent of the Gorillaz

‘Taut Thriller’ keeps the party going strong with an infectious groove, led by a gritty synth bass line. Godchaux described his intention for the LP; “The sound is about pulling from anything that you’d hear coming out of a boombox and distilling it into a distinctive style”. The second single ‘Searching’ takes this level of experimentation even further. Resulting in a banger of a chillout track.
BoomBox discussed their new album: ‘Dangerous Waters’ is the first album [we] as brothers have made together. Its sounds are both digital and analog, and we feel it’s a further refinement of the BoomBox sound.” Godchaux candidly mentioned, “There’s a special kind of chemistry between two brothers playing music together.”

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November 9, 2023 Notable Norwegian producer Niilas unleashes a new LP, River Of Noise  

Notable Norwegian producer Niilas unleashes a new LP, River Of Noise  

On November 3rd, 2023, Niilas unveiled his fourth album, River Of Noise, via his own label Niilas Music. Already amassing international attention prior to its release, River Of Noise’s first two singles have received extensive support from Stereogum and VICE. The tracks have also earned airtime on both NPR Music and BBC Radio 1. The Norwegian beat-maker’s prior work has gained notoriety, with his debut album Also This Will Change earning him a Norwegian Grammy Award. Niilas is known for his passionately dynamic live performances – previously headlining Munch-museum, appearing on the same bill as Gorillaz at Øyafestivalen 2022, and warming up Spot Festival 2023 for notable beatmakers Caribou and Todd Terje.

River Of Noise is an eclectic mix of organic and electronic music, showcasing Nilas’ prowess as an arranger and producer. He pays homage to his indigenous Sámi heritage and Arctic aesthetics in the album’s music by using recordings from folk instruments – a Norwegian Harding-fiddle and an Iranian Santur. The synthetic elements range from ethereal soundscapes to drum & bass to organic house. The album is transportive, celestial and primordial – ready for the massive sound system of a club or outdoor festival.

Niilas commented on the album: “I’ve tried to completely let go of my own expectations, and rather try to let the immense changes that the world is going through impact my creative direction. Sort of letting the music river run through me. River Of Noise has both conventional club tracks, and some really interesting collaborations with folk-musicians from both Norway (with the Harding-fiddle) and Iran (Santur)“.

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October 11, 2022 Phantasmagoric producer Villows unveils ‘Lucid’

Phantasmagoric producer Villows unveils ‘Lucid’

Image credit: Matthew Bergh

Magnetising producer Villows offered a new single Lucid’ via Careless Collective. The Philadelphia, USA-based House musician Vince Tobia, alias Villows, draws his inspiration from the works of Rufus Du Sol and Petit Biscuit amongst others.   

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The vocalisation in Lucid’ is luminous musical workmanship because it is light and breezily flows throughout the track; Ultimately, electrical guitar notes are elegantly accentuated by vocal cords that both appeal to and captivate the listeners. Furthermore, these vocals are akin to figments that awake a deeply hidden need humans have to attract a significant other with unrestricted showering of love.

Villows elaborates on his attraction to the realms of the unconscious in the following way: “I’ve been obsessed with lucid dreaming for as long as I can remember, and while they are rare, I’m very fortunate to have had several in my lifetime. Amongst the lure of endless possibilities, it’s quite beautiful to choose to spend this time imagining someone special. It’s really an ultimate act of love, and the true meaning behind this track”.

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September 28, 2022 Producer sleepy Tom creates  disco fever with new single

Producer sleepy Tom creates disco fever with new single

Image credit: Brandon William Fletcher

Dynamic producer Sleepy Tom dropped an amazing title track, ‘This Thing Called Life’, under  MNRK Music Group from his upcoming EP This Thing Called Life. The producer has worked with great artists in the likes of  Grandtheft and Anna Lunoe to name a few. The Vancouver-based musician Cam Tatham alias Sleepy Tom is a force to be reckoned with. 

Stream / Download: ‘This Thing Called Life’ 

Speaking of forces, ‘This Thing Called Life’ takes a plunge powerfully into the arena of the disco sound. The plays and intermingling of the piano notes, the electric guitar and the breathy vocals take euphoric joys to the brink of faint-heartedness. The lyrics transport the listener to a bliss point where time stands still. ‘This Thing Called Life’ is reminiscent of the excellent sound of Purple Disco Machine.

Sleepy Tom tells us a bit about his intended ambition whilst making the single: “With ‘This Thing Called Life’, I wanted to make a collection of songs that were going to lift me out of my funk. I was looking for music that could satisfy my club cravings, while also leaving room for melody––disco!” 

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