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June 7, 2022 Folk guitarist Cujo Moon shares cathartic EP

Folk guitarist Cujo Moon shares cathartic EP

                                                                                  Image credit: Rachel Deeb

Graceful folk and indie musician Cujo Moon has shared his latest EP Horizons. Featured song ‘Moonlight’ starts off this four-track EP offering via Tone Tree Music / Cujo Moon , and will touch your heart with its wholesome mood. Along with the official EP release, Cujo Moon has also shared another blast from the past lyric video, this time for the featured song ‘Moonlight’.

Stream/ download: Horizons EP

Although dwelling on the past and some pain that goes along with the process, Cujo Moon still maintains a light production that is easy to absorb nonetheless. Not afraid to speak his mind on each single, the songwriter unpacks all that weighs his mind down in the hopes to relate to his listeners and providing a cathartic exchange for both parties in one EP.

Previously featured on RCRD LBL with the song ‘Watch You Shine’, we mentioned: “Talking about matters surrounding mental health, singer-songwriter Cujo Moon’s music highlights these issues in a somber and atmospheric embrace” Our thoughts about his enigmatic production remain the same and our love for his lyrics just grows stronger with each release.

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April 19, 2022 Musician NAKAYA shares retro-infused EP

Musician NAKAYA shares retro-infused EP

Image courtesy of NAKAYA

 Los Angeles-based alt singer-songwriter NAKAYA shares her brand new EP, Fire Becomes Me (out now via Better Company Records). This new four-track project is about growth and resilience as it chronicles Nakaya’s journey towards self-acceptance.

Speaking on the EP, NAKAYA wrote: “Honestly, I started this project feeling completely directionless but what I found was that Fire Becomes Me became my source of healing. I would love to tie the theme up with a singular bow but life is not so linear so I will say that it chronicles a vast change. I always made frail attempts at controlling the way my life went, but in this record you can see me grow from a person who fought with circumstance to one that embraced a sense of acceptance through my experiences. I am mutating and growing and shifting and I think the work reflects that.”

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March 17, 2022 Indie pop singer ID:EARTH (아이디얼스) shares hazy song ‘Home’

Indie pop singer ID:EARTH (아이디얼스) shares hazy song ‘Home’

South Korean singer-songwriter / musician ID:EARTH (아이디얼스) returns with ‘Home’, a hazy, pared-down indie-pop gem, following on from her recent track ‘Betting’ feat Korean rapper Dbo. 

Lifted from the forthcoming 4-track EP ‘Panorama’ due later this year, ‘Home‘ forms part of the EP’s connected series, exploring polarising musings on society and human experiences. Sung in both English and Hangul (한글) ID:EARTH’s ethereal vocals flit seamlessly over smooth lo-fi meditative melodies.

She explains: “Home is a song written thinking about my family. I want to say that family is always beside you, whenever wherever. There’s a theme to the artwork. The first single ‘Betting’ shows two Queens that represents one pair of two cards with the same number, and two Queens and 222 from ‘Home’s artwork combines to become a full house. That’s the meaning of this song. The number 222 is 2022 and February 22nd is my birthday. A sculpture in a human mask. Inside that, it’s being filled with souls, emotions, memories and experiences. Sometimes we need to knock on the door and look before time passes and it overflows and the statues are scattered. The owner who wants to protect the house will be waiting for us. Always remember that I hold the key to ‘my home’. I dedicate this song to the people I love and who love me.”

ID:Earth, which means “the identity of the Earth,” hails from Seoul, South Korea and made her debut in 2019 with ‘Egypt’, an experimental, cross genre pop tune which garnered immediate attention. The next single ‘Olympus’ followed swiftly and led to her acclaimed debut album [BE] in 2020. ID:EARTH’s lyrics encapsulates our relationship with the earth and human civilisation. “My music is made to be connected and pieced together like a puzzle. The lyrics are anecdotes and stories about history, myths and philosophies, it also looks into the lives of people and contains their experiences.”

ID:EARTH’s music has been featured in various Korean movies and television series and she continues to push the boundaries with her unique inimitable style in 2022.

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March 14, 2022 Singer Ilja Alexander shares comforting dream pop EP

Singer Ilja Alexander shares comforting dream pop EP

Image credit: Ryan Blackwell & Nastassia Winge – Beyond Photography

Have you ever felt yourself standing at the edge of calm and collected? It could be anything that triggers it, like your partner deciding to call it quits. Or maybe you just lost your job or even your beloved sentimental possessions being stolen. Musician Ilja Alexander provides a solace for all the bruised souls with his latest meditative and reflective work Nature via Green Monk Records which talks about healing and growth amidst adversity.

Stream / Download: Nature EP

The musician elaborates on how dear this particular EP means to him: “We breathe and live by all that Nature gives us. We reach to her for calmness and peace. The message of this song is to remind everyone how precious Nature is and to restore harmony and balance in today’s world. It’s a song about gratitude and love. This song is also about finding individual harmony and balance, peace of mind. I found inspiration for the songs on this EP while processing some profound childhood traumas. Nature, as well as my previously released single Butterfly, are about self-awakening and guidance.”

Listen to EP title track ‘Nature’  on

We can all take a leaf of wisdom from this latest EP that takes an honest look at humanity and how we can fix it if we start looking inward. A sweet-sounding and light production leave to access the heartfelt lyrical content that the musician shares freely. Let your mind wander into a dreamlike pop landscape with this new EP.

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