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October 14, 2022 Masterly musicians The Burma drop Sucker For Stars

Image credit: Ciara O Toole

Under the imprint, The Burma Music, the zealous and dynamic Indie rock band The Burma is releasing their debut album and also sharing the title track on the 14th of October. The triplicate band consist of Peter Piggott (on guitar), Doherty (on drums) and Tony O’Donovan (on vocals). The talented musicians have churned a feverous sound akin to  MGMT and Foster, among others. 

Stream / Download: The Burma – Sucker For Stars LP

The lyricism in Sucker For Stars is impeccable, poetic, and drenched in spoken words and storytelling that brings the mind to a standstill so that one can better grasp the awe-inspiring characteristics of good composition that envelops Sucker For Stars. Every song contains engaging lyrics, rich in constructive lessons and filled with skilful songwriting.    

The Burma reflects on the sound that distinguishes Sucker For Stars: “The album represents two different sounds for us – the first, made up of 6 older songs which we’ve held onto over the years- and then 5 brand new songs showing where our writing style is at in its current form. It’s a milestone moment for us to have our debut album out in the world, it’s been a long time coming”. 

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