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March 23, 2023 Bulgarian songstress Y A N A teams up with producer Gena for ‘Fast Lane’

Image via publicist

Noir-esque songstress Y A N A croons, seducing listeners in black and white, her sultry voice a soft, yet confident palette of attitude and breathiness. Having teamed up with Gena, a recognised producer in Blugaria’s music scene and a member of the Hip Hop group So Called Crew, not to mention a featured artist on Stereofox’s Bulgarian Beat Wave, vol. 1 compilation, the songstress has released her latest offering. ‘Fast Lane’ is the first single from her forthcoming 9-track album titled Under My Skin, which will land in stores on the 25th of May via Stereofox

Stream/Download: Y A N A / Gena – ‘Fast Lane’

“Under My Skin is a journal,” she says, opening up to listeners and readers alike. “Very intimate, real, vulnerable. It takes you through my fears, desires, parts of myself I’ve never been honest or brave enough to share.” Her latest single is her first diary entry, so to speak. In it, she writes about love and euphoria in swirling curls, inscribing the bliss of the honeymoon phase in an open book of her binding.

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