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November 17, 2022 Skilled musician Cimo Fränkel offers new single ‘Closed The Door’

Image credit: Lee Alexander

Under Cimo Fränkel / AWAL, talented musician Cimo Fränkel released his latest single Closed The Door’. Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, the LA-based singer-songwriter recognises the work of Huey Lewis and Michael Jackson as the inspiration for his music. At the age of fifteen Cimo started out collaborating with other young Dutch musicians as well as delving into music production.

Stream / Download: Cimo Fränkel – ‘Closed The Door’

The vocals in Closed The Door’ are awe-inspiring,  boast a celestial quality and display the potency of Cimo’s vocal abilities through its euphoric high notes. Listening to this single is like listening to an angel singing because the control of the vocal cords is soul-stirring and speaks to a deep place in listeners’ hearts. The harmonisation in the song reaches an ecstasy with its effervescent high notes as it matches the exigence and vibration of the electric guitar that dominates the track towards the end. 

Cimo Fränkel elaborates on the subject matter of the single: “Closed The Door’ is about a relationship coming to an end. It’s about being courageous enough to speak up and accepting the consequences of making the decision that it’s over”.

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