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March 17, 2023 Indie-Folk musician Land Of Trees’ delivers new album

Image credit: Marie Wahlström

It is official. Singer-songwriter Land Of Trees has released his fourth LP titled Things I Don’t Know.. Yet. On the project, we discover the sombre yet hopeful record ‘Giving You My Notice’, a hearty mix of harmonies to soothe the soul. “‘Things I Don’t Know.. Yet’ is a step back to basics.” he shared, describing how he aimed to create music for music’s sake. And he has delivered, keeping things sonically cohesive, nothing overly complicated.

Stream / Download: Land Of Trees – Things I Don’t Know.. Yet

Land Of Trees’ music touches on the folky side of Indie music. Straying from the usual formula, he imbues his sound with the voice of a man raised in nature. There is a certain earthiness to his sound. He creates music grounded in his roots, elaborating on the stories from his life to give listeners a vacation from the office desk, where they can drift with the mist in the mountains. Read our feature on his previously released single ‘See The Fire Dancing Single’ here.

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