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February 21, 2023 Musician PLEEG’s new song ‘Still Friends’ is detailed

Image credit: Pierre Garnier

French electronic music producer PLEEG has shared his latest offering, a single titled ‘Still Friends’, with the help of his label Quality Goods Records. From lush breakdowns to modulated drops, ‘Still Friends’ epitomises PLEEG’s style.

Stream / Download: PLEEG – ‘Still Friends’

Like a thousand-piece puzzle, the single is comprised of many loose elements, brought into harmony by the producer’s heightened sense of song arrangement. When one part falls away, another jumps in to fill its place, excluding, of course, the timed moments of silence that make serve the song as much, if not more, than the notes themselves.

PLEEG is increasingly being mentioned in the press, having recently gained the support of the recognised publication Run The Trap, which had nothing but good things to say about his latest song. “The stunning record is nothing short of a vibrant and heartfelt anthem that comes across as unpredictable yet warm and inviting at the same time,” they said, complimenting the artist.

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