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January 24, 2024 Les Biches release a mesmerizing music video for their single ‘The White Shape Of Noise’

LA-based rock supergroup Les Biches released a music video for their touching track, ‘The White Shape Of Noise’. The song is taken from their album The Mysteries, which was released on the 10th of November, 2023. Named after a Jaques Brel song and a 1968 French film, Les Biches began initially as an open-ended collaborative project whose sole constant member was songwriter Keith Joyner. The current lineup of Joyner, Chris Candelaria (bass), Dusty Starr (guitars), and Kevin Pinnt (drums) share a roster of bands including Twinstar, Revolux, Chihuahua, The The, Caterwaul and Seven Simons.

‘The White Shape of Noise’ is a moving rendezvous of epic sixties psychedelia, reanimating the sounds of legends like Pink Floyd and Procol Harum in its lengthy, full arrangement soaked in echoes and reverb. 

The accompanying music video showcases the band performing the song, with frames full of overlays and kaleidoscopic colours, beautifully complementing the song’s dreamlike and somewhat melancholic hypnosis.

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