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October 22, 2021 Singer & advocate for mental health, Eva Westphal shares new anthem

Singer & advocate for mental health, Eva Westphal shares new anthem

Singer-songwriter Eva Westphal has released the heartwarming song ‘Things Don’t Fit’. Writing music from the young age of thirteen, the singer endured much strain, battling with an eating disorder growing up. Now at the age of twenty-one, Eva has risen victoriously with an uplifting anthem for all of us we never feel satisfied with our appearance and think there is only one definition of beauty. An advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and mental health, the singer has been involved in important organizations such as It Gets Better, Phluid Project, and Project HEAL

With a rapidly climbing following on TikTok, the singer continues to spread messages of positivity and healing to all her followers. She shared a video via the platform on Wednesday, performing the song  with hashtags like #selflove and #recovery. Definitely a woman on a mission, Eva hopes that this song will help many who battle with mental health and self-image. ‘Things Don’t Fit’ is definitely a feel good acoustic pop anthem for a mellow night in or  a drive with friends.

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April 26, 2021 Music producers Marcus James & RYYZN release acoustic edition of latest EP

Music producers Marcus James & RYYZN release acoustic edition of latest EP

    Image Credit: Eric Beckstead

Previously featured on RCRD LBL (read feature) with song ‘Night Light’, acclaimed producer Marcus James and the reputable duo RYYZN released their  Warning Sign(Stripped) EP via Physical Presents on Friday, and we are still hooked. RYYZN are a Vancouver-based duo comprised of David York and Jessie Elias who come from Calgary and Saskatoon respectively. Born based and currently living in Vancouver, Marcus James is well known for collaborating with other local talent, and ultimately producing music that will leave you captivated from the first few seconds of listening to it. 

Stream/Download ‘Warning Sign’ (Stripped) EP

We waited in anticipation to hear what RYYZN and Marcus James were releasing next, after watching their breathtaking acoustic take on their single ‘Night Light’ . The Warning Sign (Stripped) EP definitely lives up to the hype of its predecessor. The acoustic edition of Warning Sign features a combination of noteworthy quirks, like it’s honeyed alternative vocal range from duo RYYZN that has captured you from the beginning. Along with this, is the unforgettable instrumental compositions from Marcus James – leaves you wanting more.

 Marcus James shares the importance of the new version of the EP:

This Stripped EP is our way of coming full circle for the final chapter of the Warning Sign project and releasing all four songs in the acoustic form that they were first written and recorded. It was important to us from a songwriting standpoint to make sure these songs worked “stripped-down” before we turned them into the productions released on the original EP. I guess somewhere along the line we figured if these songs work in their original form, why not let people hear them in that way?

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August 7, 2020 Singer Harrison Storm releases acoustic song version

Singer Harrison Storm releases acoustic song version

Australian singer-songwriter Harrison Storm shares the acoustic version of his recent single ’Breathe Again’ out via Nettwerk Records.

Talking about the new version Harrison says; “I recorded the acoustic version of ‘Breathe Again’ with my housemate and longtime collaborator Hayden Calnin in our home studio during lockdown in May. That was after a month or so of being stuck inside so getting into the studio and being able to create felt incredibly freeing. I think that energy really came out in the recording. A sort of desperation in the vocals tied in with the beauty of the instrumentation. A lot of pent up energy was released those few days and to have Ella Crotty’s beautiful cello playing on this track was the icing on the cake”.

Over the past few years, Harrison Storm has crafted a singular style, merging classically inspired fingerpicking and sophisticated lyrics with a rich and soulful vocal delivery that is both intimate and explosive.
A born troubadour, Harrison traded college for busking in Melbourne.

The fruits of his impromptu performances financed the 2015 debut EP, Sense of Home’. The latter yielded a worldwide hit as Sense of Home generated upwards of 65 million Spotify streams and counting. Signed to Nettwerk, he unveiled the Change It All EP two years later and notched another hit in the form of the title track, which racked up over 35 million Spotify streams.

Along the way, he occupied real estate on coveted playlists such as Your Favorite Coffeehouse, Relax & Unwind’, The Stress Buster, and more as the total stream tally exceeded 150 million and counting.

Storm has performed to packed crowds across Australia, UK, EU, US and Canada, developing a powerful presence on stage alongside the likes of Snow Patrol, Tash Sultana, Gregory Alan Isakov, Michael Franti, Husky, The Cat Empire, The Paper Kites, The Head and the Heart, and more. 

Simultaneously, he impacted the influential Triple J, received airtime on BBC Radio 2, US tastemaker station KCRW and was featured in Nashville music songwriting bible American Songwriter magazine.

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