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August 11, 2020 Modern-blues infused band shares Gnarls Barkley ‘Crazy’ song remix

Modern-blues infused band shares Gnarls Barkley ‘Crazy’ song remix

Los Angeles, CA. – Shadow & The Thrill, the modern blues-infused, groove-laden, hook-filled, melodic Rock band from the streets of Los Angeles and New Orleans, bring you songs of salvation to soothe the soul! Their incredible new rendition of Gnarls Barkley’s, “Crazy” off of their debut album, Sugarbowl, is no exception.

Shadow & The Thrill is Tony Cardenas-Montana from Great White, who is also a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum, Billboard-charting writer and musician along with Brentt Acrement, a much sought-after touring and session drummer and producer. Together they have created a musical experience that rivals their iconic rock and pop influences. 

Cardenas-Montana says, “I love this song and wanted to cover it from the first time I heard it. Gnarls Barkely’s vocals mesmerized me. My impression of the song was that it was about depression. I related to it in that way, having dealt with that illness myself since I was a teenager. I let the re-arrangement and treatment ideas gestate for years. Finally, this blues groove and feeling took hold and it just kind of flowed out. Recording this was an emotional experience for me as a vocalist and guitarist.” 

“Crazy” was mixed by Sylvia Massy (Tool, System Of A Down, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty, The Black Crowes).

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October 23, 2018 Texas Indie-Fuzz quartet Coattails Share New Video For “Clocks & Knives” ahead of upcoming album

Texas Indie-Fuzz quartet Coattails Share New Video For “Clocks & Knives” ahead of upcoming album

Now in the fifth year of their journey, Coattails find themselves at a pivotal moment. The sophomore album comes with pressures inherent in the maturation of one’s expression. Will the sound have evolved with its creators? How has the world around them changed since their first installment? Will their dedication falter? Armed with answers, Coattails stand ready to deliver the second installment in their evolution: Imaginary Friends.

Watch the official video for “Clocks & Knives” by Coattails below

Imaginary Friends is a reflection. A situation report from the journey thus-far. The accomplishments, the failures, the every day doldrums. Pulling no punches, past and present collide and brace for the future.

Release date: November 9, 2018
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