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February 23, 2023 French-Canadian musician Super Plage releases bubbly song ‘Laurence’

French-Canadian musician Super Plage releases bubbly song ‘Laurence’

Image credit: Marie Michele Bouchard

Super Plage is back with another light-hearted record (read our feature on his song ‘Forêt magique’ here), a feel-good tune titled ‘Laurence’. Released with the label Lisbon Lux Records, the track is a teaser of the musician’s forthcoming LP Magie à minuit, which will be released on the 31st of March, making it the fourth album he has released after his projects Super Plage I, Super Plage II, and Électro-Vacances. Without further ado, onto the single.

Stream / Download: Super Plage – ‘Laurence’

First, you may be asking, who is Laurence? We don’t know, but we sure do enjoy the personality that this French-Canadian producer brings to the table. Giving us no clues, he tells us,  “Laurence is a song for Laurence. It is a little bit punk like Laurence and a little bit melancholic like Laurence. It is also a song to party to.” We can’t help but smile at his playful attitude.

His music has an effortlessness to it. It’s easy listening. Despite being sung in French, listeners needn’t speak the language to catch what Super Plage is throwing. He has managed to distil the memories of a night out into a heady elixir of gliding synths, subtle drums, and gentle vocal delivery.

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September 16, 2022 Festival-loving producer Super Plage unveils ‘Forêt Magique’

Festival-loving producer Super Plage unveils ‘Forêt Magique’

Image credit: Marie Michelle Bouchard

Like walking through Wonderland, French-Candian artist Super Plage’s music video for his latest single, ‘Forêt Magique’, exudes child-like joy; the flamboyant musician and his minions are recruiting listeners to join their legion of fun, inviting us to become a part of their magic.

Stream / Download: Super Plage – ‘Forêt Magique’

Light-hearted and playful, the single strives to embody Super Plage’s central concept: “This song was inspired by a crazy trip to a festival where the music and the play of lights hidden in the forest completely bewitched us to create a magical moment during these scorching nights. It evokes dance, glitter and love in the river.”

The record ripples with psychedelia, shuttling listeners down a rabbit hole of light and sound. We plummet further and further, past whirlpools of kaleidoscopic imagery, clouds of candyfloss, and geometric nostalgia before landing in the artist’s imagination. Like Super Plage’s French, the blends between verses and choruses sound fluent, making for a single that falls gently on the ears.

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August 19, 2020 French Disco & synth-pop band Le Couleur announce online album launch

French Disco & synth-pop band Le Couleur announce online album launch

After several concerts being canceled due to the global pandemic, disco and synth-pop band Le Couleur will be performing a virtual concert for all of their fans across the globe to enjoy. The concert will take place on the 17th of September to celebrate their forthcoming album release Concorde. Currently sitting over 10.9 million streams across multiple music streaming platforms, no wonder they have won the GAMIQ prize for the ‘Best Electronic EP of the Year’, their previous album release was also one of the 40 Canadian albums to selected to feature on the Polaris Music Long List.

The new album is inspired by the rise and fall of the historic Concorde event. The band is rooted in 70’s influence, from psychedelia, disco, yéyé and French chanson. I am sure that Le Couleur’s new album will easily be mistaken for a masterpiece that was created in the 70’s period. 

Tune into the Le Couleur concert on Thursday, September 17th at 9pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) 

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Concorde Tracklist:

01. Désert

02. Silenzo

03. Silhouette

04. Concorde

05. Comme Une Fin Du Monde

06. L’Aube Du 3ème Soleil

07. Train De Minuit

08. Vol D’après Midi

09. Un Simple Vol D’après Midi. Feat. Valence

10. Oiseaux Sauvages

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