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February 10, 2023 Songwriter Rona Mac’s new song ‘Sense’ reaches creative truth

Songwriter Rona Mac’s new song ‘Sense’ reaches creative truth

Doing it herself in the UK, Rona Mac is an independent musician from West Wales who has plumbed the depth of her songwriting ability to create a powerful work of audible art. The truth is this: Rona Mac is an artist with heart. She has suffused each note and every lyric of her new song ‘Sense’ with feeling. Her unapologetic openness is refreshing.

Stream / Download: Rona Mac – ‘Sense’

One can hear that she has high creative standards, accepting nothing less than poetic excellence. Or maybe that’s just the impression I got. Either way, ‘Sense’ makes a home in one’s mind and walks around with you for a while after you have listened to it. It’s uncanny. Free from pretence, the record peels back the layers to reveal who Rona Mac is and the hardships she has had to endure. She has grasped what good, honest music is all about: sincerity of emotion and vulnerability from the artist.

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