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November 18, 2022 Producer WMD amazes with new song ‘Nowhere’

Producer WMD amazes with new song ‘Nowhere’

Image credit: Michael Erickson

Electronic musician WMD released his latest track  ‘Nowhere’ via Natural Blonde.  Michael Erickson, moniker  WMD has found a niche in producing music that speaks to and addresses melancholia and the negative emotions in relationships. Michael hails from Cashmere, Washington and is currently based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Stream / Download: WMD – ‘Nowhere’

The melody in ‘Nowhere’ is supported by gentle guitar strings from the beginning of the song to the end. The guitar strings reverberations cascade slowly, giving the impression that they are not going anywhere, and its leisured echos invite listeners on a journey to a destination solely determined by the listeners themselves. The use of acoustic guitars and electric guitars in this track has produced a sound that is engaging. The track evokes peace, relaxation, and the need to just exist without the pressures to constantly remain busy or to attain recognition in the world.     

WND tell us how he began making ‘Nowhere’: “This song was one of the few on this record written during a two-week stay in northern Montana last winter. I had a cabin on a little private lake, which I set up a small studio in. I remember starting the song on acoustic guitar one evening while watching the sun set over the mountains”.

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