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April 14, 2022 Native Instruments parent company Soundwide announces artist board

Native Instruments parent company Soundwide announces artist board

Names like queen of R&B Alicia Keys, prolific mix engineer Ann Mincieli, and rapper  EL-P  have joined forces with Soundwide. This new music ecosystem was launched this week and is a platform for music producers and artists to make music without the hassle and minimal fuss of switching between apps. Musicians like  Alicia Keys form part of this artistic evolution with her role in the artist board, where she will give input and advice to the Soundwide team along with other industry professionals and artists on how to create a more sustainable brand.

This company and board were all conceptualized with the partnering of renowned music tech brands Native Instruments, iZotope, and more recently Plugin Alliance, Sound Stacks and Brainworx. All designed with unique functions, they all form and brand together to be part of this revolution of how artists can band together. 

The Soundwide CEO shared a public statement: “Going forward, we’re asking ourselves: ‘What do our community members need to tap into their ultimate creative workflow and how can we help get them there?.’ By first uncovering and understanding our community’s needs, we can map out our goals and move one step closer to the future of sound. Soundwide’s Artist Board provides a unique opportunity to offer up more seats at the table and collaborate with board members to bring new voices into the conversation.”

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