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August 12, 2020 London’s Zeb Samuels presents ‘Positive Spirit’, an uplifting song for these uncertain times

London’s Zeb Samuels presents ‘Positive Spirit’, an uplifting song for these uncertain times

Photography credit: Daniel Blenman

London born and based musician and multi-instrumentalist Zeb Samuels has released his latest single, ‘Positive Spirit’ on 7 August via his own label Deep Heads. A self-confessed music fanatic, Zeb Samuels grew up in London where he was exposed to an abundance of music at his doorstep. These influences and experiences would ultimately develop his appreciation for a wide variety of sounds and eventually lead to the self-taught pianist operating as a songwriter, producer and vocalist.

The single is lifted from his upcoming EP, Vibration Exploration which will be available on the 21st of August and features Marc Cyril (who has worked with Joss Stone and Keziah Jones) on bass, Byron Wallen (previously worked alongside George Benson, Chaka Khan and Courtney Pine) on trumpet and flugelhorn and Mcknasty (who has worked alongside Kammal Willaims) on drums. As a label owner, Zeb Samuels has worked alongside many amazing artists, including the likes of SYNKRO, Djrum, Joe Armon- Jones, Congi, Geode and Ash Walker.

Opening with soulful jazzy soundscapes that draw you deeper into their waters, ‘Positive Spirit’ acts as a cool breath of fresh air on a warm summer night. Radiating tranquil energy, Zeb Samuels envelopes a maturity within his sound, metaphorically easing the listener into its sonic arms. Made for open spaces as the listener gazes at the stars, the single is sure to bring peace of mind to all who listen to it. 

Speaking of ‘Positive Spirit’, Zeb Samuels tells us:

“I feel like this is a track that is an unveiling of a new light and embodies positivity amongst the dark times that we have encountered recently.”

Vibration Exploration EP Tracklist

1. Positive Spirit 

2. Warm Vibration 

3. Yellow

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