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September 14, 2023 Enigmatic musician Totten Bridge shares infectious single ‘Please Dont Love Me’

Enigmatic musician Totten Bridge shares infectious single ‘Please Dont Love Me’

Talented New York musician Totten Bridge unveiled his irresistible single, ‘Please Don’t Love Me,’ through StephJam Music on the 14th of July 2023. Defying the constraints of a single genre, this artist has amassed a remarkable 1.5 million streams across various platforms and has garnered notable recognition from esteemed publications such as Notion Mag, Earmilk, Backseat Mafia, and Medium.

Totten Bridge‘s musical style defies easy categorization, drawing inspiration from both British and American influences that span the spectrum from rock to pop, folk to Motown, and frequent forays into the world of EDM. At the core of his artistry are infectious melodies and meticulously crafted musical arrangements that climax in anthemic sing-along choruses. His lyrical themes orbit around the universal subjects of love and life, communicated with a straightforward and relatable prose, designed to deeply resonate with each listener on an emotional level.

‘Please Don’t Love Me’ delves into these thematic depths. Through clever and poignant lyrics, Totten Bridge contemplates the ephemeral nature of love and our habitual use of the word ‘forever,’ even when we privately recognize its hollowness. This composition fuses Latin rhythms with an EDM heartbeat, embellished with intricate guitar harmonies woven over tropical house progressions. It not only captures the ear with its catchy hooks and relatable content but also boasts an adaptability suited for both radio airwaves and the pulsating atmosphere of a nightclub. One can easily envision it serenading a sun-soaked Caribbean beach or pulsating from a taxi radio in the bustling heart of New York City.

Totten Bridge had this to say: “I wrote “Please Don’t Love Me” as a tongue-in-cheek ode to the joys of living life to the fullest and living and loving in the moment. I wanted the song to be fun and playful and enjoyed while hanging out at the beach with a bunch of friends. I wrote the song on guitar and then built the tracks around the basic guitar.”

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October 19, 2021 Jet-G releases fervent new single ‘Give Me Air’

Jet-G releases fervent new single ‘Give Me Air’

‘Give Me Air’ is the sophomore single by London-based quartet Jet-G, released on October 7th via Future London. The quartet is a collaboration of artists (Jolliffe, female vocalist ECKOES, Modestep’s founding member Tony Terror and GENTRY– making up the acronym of the band’s name) all of whom have excelled in prior projects. 

‘Give Me Air’ was born from a simple piano idea. It opens with a slow, uncluttered introduction to ECKOES’ brilliant vocals, which have been honed to impart the maximum amount of emotion, and then subtly builds into kinetic instrumentals. 

Speaking of the single, ECKOES from JET-G tell us: “We were in a small studio in London Fields during the covid lockdown. Rob (GENTRY) was playing about on the grand piano at the end of a writing session & we just started recording. The guys began to produce as they went & I could hear a melody & lyrics almost immediately. The songs were kind of accidental, but within a few hours, the bones of two singles had been recorded.”

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