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September 21, 2023 Premiere: Artela shares electrifying electro-pop anthem ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’.

Premiere: Artela shares electrifying electro-pop anthem ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’.

Born in Taiwan and raised between the US and her home nation, London based producer and singer-songwriter Artela released her raging heartbreak-anthem ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ on the 21st of September 2023. 

Artela’s music is a reaction to her experiences growing up in a conformist society that she didn’t fit into. And her strength as a lyricist shines through the track, as she explores themes of exclusion and societal expectation, drawing upon her own experiences to offer a candid and emotive artistic expression for her listeners to resonate with. 

Fast-Paced, frantic, and emotive, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ is an amalgamation of electro-pop extravaganza and deep dance-ready beats that glitch and simmer. Topically exploring themes of love and rejection, Artela reclaims the sense of rejection she experienced throughout her life, turning it into a positive force for change. As a result, her music is for anyone who feels like they don’t fit in, empowering them to embrace their unique and authentic selves.

A remix of ‘Why Don’t You Love Me‘ by fakehalo will be released in October, 2023.

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September 4, 2023 Tristan De Liège and Jambal shine on scintillating single ‘Collisions of Light’

Tristan De Liège and Jambal shine on scintillating single ‘Collisions of Light’

LA-based downtempo wizard Tristan De Liège has teamed up with the talented jazz quartet Jambal for their new single, ‘Collisions of Light’, released on the 1st of September. The second release from their forthcoming album Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment, ‘Collisions of Light’ has already received support from CLASH magazine, with their previous collaboration ‘Uncertainties’ featuring in the State Of Jazz Spotify editorial playlist. The collaborators have also received support from the UK National radio station Jazz FM with John Osborne

With early support from CLASH magazine, ‘Collisions of Light’ is an enigmatic fusion of downtempo and jazz. Featuring melancholic strings and sporadic scaling keys that flutter in and out of the track, there’s an intricate jazz rhythm and bass anchoring the beat. A brooding trumpet sits beautifully in the mix, as it creeps along, only revealing its true motif towards the end of the song where it bursts forth in an emotional yet subtle crescendo. Thematically, it doesnt give away too much, leaving it up to the listener to work out what messages are being conveyed through the instrumentals. It’s a relaxing track, one that oozes serenity and musicality, evoking images of Kinobe and Air.

The artists had this to say: “Collisions of Light is probably one of our personal favourites from the album. It’s based on a string sample that is looped through nearly the whole track, which we overdubbed and complemented with a newly composed string arrangement. The tune develops into a quite dramatic climax and despite its simplicity and slow tempo, it achieves great emotional momentum.

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