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Donna Lugassy releases her new solo R&B song, ‘Moonrise’

Meet dynamic Donna Lugassy, the featured vocalist who has just released her solo single, ‘Moonrise’. The song is aimed to share the introductory phase of a relationship, the smooth romantic vocals providing the perfect soundtrack to any listener who may be sitting beside their lover with a glass of wine.

The singer-songwriter was picked up for an interview earlier this week by Exit Through The Sound. In it, she reveals her own favourite aspects about the “getting to know you phase”

“Butterflies can be motivation to wake up in the morning, learning more about someone you’re interested in and spending time together can be such bliss. I have never had a relationship that lasted longer than 9 months so I have never even gone into the ‘relax’ state of a relationship. Therefore when I meet someone, I enjoy the moments we have fun together and try not to expect anything else but that moment and the joy I feel in just being together. I don’t take anything for granted and enjoy all little pieces and moments of love I receive and get to give.”

However, ‘Moonrise’ is just the start of the releasing coming from Donna Lugassy. On the 13th of March, the full Love and Breakups EP will be made available to the public. In it will be tracks like “Nobody (loves like I do)” and “I Wish”, which will cover their own respective portions of Lugassy’s love life pattern.



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