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Simon Splice releases debut EP “New Beginnings”

Simon Splice, the brand new look for current heavy-weight artist Exile, today drops his first EP “New Beginnings” on the brand new D+B label: Eloisa Records.

Simon Splice delivers jubilant liquid and enchanted dance floor bangers with 4 tracks ready to melt hearts and minds in any setting. The EP is finely balanced with two well-crafted instrumentals along with two beautifully vocal-led tracks, together forming the “New Beginnings” EP.

Taking the lead is ‘Knock Knock’ with Simon Splice arriving at the door ready to explore his new adventure. Expect beautifully pieced raindrop patterns and a rupturing bassline as this track heads straight for the floor. Next up, we greet Miss Tantrum with her sweet vocals on ‘Want It All’. 

‘Lines’ is next to see the light with its mellifluous basslines and euphoria-inducing sonics. In a similar vein, ‘Carousel’ gets those hands in the air with the graceful vocals from Anima.

This is only the beginning for both entities and you can catch plenty more from Simon Splice and Eloisa Records in the months to come.

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