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January 11, 2021 Celebrated music producer Wax Tailor defies genres with unusual LP

Celebrated music producer Wax Tailor defies genres with unusual LP

   Image Credit: Ronan Siri

As soon as we saw the dystopian society created in Wax Tailor’s music video for ‘Misery ft. Rosemary Standley’, we knew he was one to watch. We also found out about his latest album, Shadow Of Their Suns, which immediately earned itself a page in our release diary. On Friday, 8th of January, we were finally treated to the long-awaited album and it’s been played on repeat since then.

Where do we start? Wax Tailor’s reverence for displaying other artist’s vocals is something else. Take ‘Shinning Dog ft. Boog Brown’ and ‘Deja Vu ft. Adeline’ – two completely different songs, one after another, that almost lend themselves to different categories. Boog Brown’s syncopation is smooth and unwavering while weaving us into a hip hop rhythmic slumber. ‘Deja Vu ft Adeline’, on the other hand sweeps us back in time, with distorted and discomforting tones that echo throughout the LP. 

Stream / Download The Shadow Of Their Suns

‘The Shadow Of Their Suns’ is an allegory for the different kind of powers that control our world. I’ve always kept this image in mind of the 99% who live in the shadow of these artificial lights,  segregation, politics and mass-media. From a musical point of view, I really wanted to give more space to instrumental arrangements and my own storytelling around this topic. I’m not a lesson-giver but nothing is really neutral, we live in a sick world and music can be food for thought.”– Wax Tailor provides some insight on the album.


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