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May 24, 2022 ‘gaze’ into the latest experimental release from sweeep and Sace

‘gaze’ into the latest experimental release from sweeep and Sace

This past weekend was an interesting one for many reasons but none more so than the collaboration between sweeep and Sace on their latest single, ‘gaze’ via the renowned Secret Souls imprint. The single follows the release of their previous project, burn down my mind which also featured Sace’s side project, Silent Boy. If you’re getting a bit lost, bear with us as we still have few more interesting contenders to enter the ring. Both singles will appear on an upcoming collaborative project spearheaded by lo-fi royalty eevee. Her Secret Souls imprint was created to become the “go to place” to search for mellow and relaxing music. 

Stream/ download: ‘gaze’

sweeep and Sace’s ‘gaze’ draws us back to the present day as her ethereal vocals meet the mellow basslines. The single is unhurried, luxuriating in its own synths and finding purchase in the mystical. We wouldn’t be surprised if it found itself on a dark wave playlist or two, flirting with a witch-house track next door.  

The two producers tell us about their creation: “Both of us have been known producers in the same underground scene for a few years and its not many people from Stockholm who are into that type of music, so it felt natural that we should work on something together. Now we are both evolving our sounds by adding our vocals on the beats, which could move our music into a new context that is yet to be discovered.”

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 Artwork by altitxde 

September 23, 2020 Music producer Das Mörtal releases witchy song ‘It Comes’

Music producer Das Mörtal releases witchy song ‘It Comes’

Image credit: Adrien Villagomez

Pagan music producer Das Mörtal has given us a taste of his new offering, album Miami Beach Witches with new single ‘It Comes’ via Libson Lux Records. This anticipated album release will be unleashed on Halloween day this year. For fans of all things mystical with a huge dose of goth, ‘It Comes’ will be a stellar addition to your Halloween playlist.

Das Mörtal speaks about the new single: “’It Comes’ is a Wiccan lullaby for the lost souls. A slow heartbeat driven song with a deep buzzing bass that welcomes the elder gods into your dreams”

The music producer’s claim to fame is his album Hotline Miami II, which has over 8 million streams. Inspired by sci-fi and horror films alike, Das Mörtal has worked on two noteworthy horror film scores being Naissance d’un Zombie and the feature film Deadcon

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