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January 13, 2022 Alternative pop songstress Lutfia shares personal EP, So Much For Summer

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Lutfia has shared her latest EP So Much For Summer, a combination of alternative pop and funk. With an undeniable love for singing and songwriting, the singer has been sharing lyrics as young as 14 years of age. Inspired by a diverse range of iconic talents like Christina Aguilera, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson, Lutfia creates a colourful world through her music with lyrically rich lyrics and upbeat hooks. Each track stands out on its own, as Lutfia pours out her heart on messages about self-love and mental health. 

‘City Of Angels’ is our personal favourite track on this EP. It’s inviting and gives the listener a delicate warmth with rock-esque hooks. One can almost call this anthemic, as it talks about a love for mankind and embracing life. Definitely a song for everyone on this release, Lutfia is going places.

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