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Hailing  from Neuchâtel, Switzerland,  AUST’s two track EP The Hive was recently released via Enhanced Music’s Enhanced Chill. With a string of previous releases under his belt, his work has previously been compared to artists such as Fakear, Petit Biscuit and Møme.

AUST’s sound is characterised by intricate loops, electronic embellishments and textured soundscapes. The Hive is somewhat of an ode to his home, a place of refuse that obviously inspires him greatly.

He explains: ‘The Hive’ refers to the new place me and my wife live in. It’s a tiny house surrounded by wild nature where I recorded some sounds that are featured on both songs. I’ve also just built a second studio there to focus on new inspirations. The place was full of bees during the summer (which is unfortunately uncommon those days) and the chorus on The Hive took me back to those sounds.”



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