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March 9, 2021 Band Giant Sky’s song ‘Snow’ is a comforting alternative release

It is that time of the day when you start to feel drained and are just looking for the perfect indie-rock anthem to unwind with as you lick your wounds – enter band Giant SkyGiant Sky’s latest single ‘Snow’ via Bloody Sunset Records is sure to be a godsend for sure. This London-based band wrote this song about isolation and the effect that it can have on one’s relationships and mental health. 

Stream / Download ‘Snow’

Lyrics like “The world goes crazy, but you and I remain the same/ There’s no way that I can go into the void of my own” spreads a message of light & connection in times of darkness. One can easily fold and let physical isolation rob you of your sanity and happiness. Giant Sky’s ‘Snow’ reminds one that no true connection is ever lost if it is real.

In these challenging & limiting times, the band needs to connect to their fans in other ways. They have urged fans to support their Kickstarter campaign on socials, which includes exclusive band merch: “f you were considering getting our EP or album on release, here’s a better way to do it – supporting the campaign gets you limited edition versions, t-shirts, mentions in vinyl sleeves… check it out! We know it’s a weird time, but if you want to support new music this is a great way to do it.

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