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June 28, 2023 Black Light White Light express complex feelings in ‘Epilepsy’

Image credit: Jannick Boerlum

Admiration is a state, if we can call it that, full of conflicting emotions. There’s a shard of envy in there, a dash of desire to complicate things, an extra helping of high esteem and unconditional regard. It is the recognition of an ideal. An ideal that music tries to reach. Pursuing said ideal and capturing the accompanying emotions, the Indie rock band Black Light White Light has shared an emotionally-turbulent single from their latest album, a project titled The Admirer

Stream / Download: Black Light White Light – The Admirer

“I think the album presents the band’s most personal, versatile and certainly most adventurous release to date,’ said  Black Light White Light. ‘It delivers psychedelic rock, cosmic pop, and piano-driven ballads with wandering melodies, layers of keyboards, sizzling delay guitars, and manipulated effects to an intoxicating mix that jumps and has plenty of edge in 10 songs with personal lyrics about pain, doubt, love and confusion. My most personal songs to date.”

The single, ‘Epilepsy’, sees songwriter and band member Martin Ejlertsen pen a tale that disturbs but entices in its free-flow lyricism. Available now under the Forward Backwards Recordings label.

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